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Charity Financial Statements - Top Ten Common Errors
Nick Sladden

14 September 2015

Charity financial statements are a specialist area and it is easy to make mistakes. In this series we will be briefly highlighting what we believe are the top 10 errors charities can sometimes make when preparing their financial statements.

Gift Aid donor benefits - a new beginning or the beginning of the end?
Nick Sladden

29 July 2015

The donor benefit rules affect fundraising activities carried out by many charities - particularly admissions charities and those with membership or patrons’ schemes.

Retrospective VAT liabilities for charities and suppliers of bulk mailings
Nick Sladden

28 July 2015

HMRC has now issued its Revenue and Customs Brief in respect of the VAT liability of direct marketing services using printed matter.

Charities SORP - Do you have a trading subsidiary? Think before paying up gift aid this year
Nick Sladden

02 July 2015

On 31 October 2014 the ICAEW issued its technical release Guidance on donations by a company to its parent charity which considers the accounting implications of legal advice that donations of taxable profits by a subsidiary company to its charitable parent constitute distributions rather than donations.

The state of charities
Karen Spears

01 July 2015

RSM has recently published the results of our survey 'the current and future state of charities 2015 – spring into action'.

Charities SORP: Gifts from parents - a hidden liability?
Nick Sladden

01 July 2015

As we reach the end of the school year, many staff will find themselves in receipt of thank you gifts from parents.

Nick Sladden

Partner, Head of Charities and Independent Schools

Nick heads the RSM charities and independent schools teams. He advises charities on audit, assurance and financial reporting and is an audit partner for our Top 250 charity clients and a number of leading independent schools.

Charity in the Summer Budget?
Nick Sladden

08 July 2015

You would have struggled to hear the word charity in the Summer budget statement but charities are going to have to live with the consequences of Mr Osborne's proposals for some time to come.

Are you looking at the right risks?

Whether you are driven by the desire to obtain more value from your Governors meetings or improve your existing risk management then you should make sure you undertake a review of your strategic risks.

What assurance do you need?

Within an independent school the responsibility for managing risk rests with the Board of Governors. Should a risk materialise such as breakdown in safeguarding or financial mismanagement, there is no doubt that questions will be raised regarding the
governance and risk management processes. The responsibility of the Governors is to seek assurance that all principal risks are managed effectively.