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Middle-market businesses stand firm on future prospects ahead of Brexit
Simon Hart

17 October 2017

Ahead of this week’s EU Summit in Brussels, and despite the apparent deadlock over the UK’s Brexit bill, middle market businesses remain bullish about the prospects of the UK securing a good deal.

Tech businesses eye Brexit victory

17 October 2017

Decision makers confident about five-year prospects.

Business leaders expect good deal with EU

17 October 2017

Find out what’s top of the middle market’s wish list.

Firms cautiously optimistic about post-Brexit world

17 October 2017

Middle market sentiment is up from last quarter.

First glimpse of proposed Customs Union post Brexit

23 August 2017

The Government has indicated two proposed approaches that could be adopted to shape the future customs landscape with the EU.

Alarm bells start to ring over post Brexit customs arrangements

01 August 2017

A report released this week by Oxera warns that new post-Brexit customs arrangements could disrupt supply chains, bring gridlock to south east England, and cost the UK a ‘conservative’ £1bn a year. So how real is the threat?

Survey reveals positive business sentiment ahead of Brexit
Simon Hart

12 July 2017

Middle market businesses in the UK are positive about the medium to long term effects of Brexit, according to a new YouGov survey, the Brexit Monitor.

Brexit may force companies to set up EU based distribution operations

03 May 2017

Now that Article 50 has been triggered, UK businesses that trade extensively with EU and non-EU parties are beginning to form contingency plans to mitigate the effects of Brexit. Some UK importers worried about increased costs and administration may wish to consider establishing an EU-based distribution function to allow continuity of benefits currently in place within the EU.

Navigate a successful fundraise - key considerations for management
David Blacher

02 May 2017

Typically raising growth capital rounds will involve cheque sizes of between £5-50m. Because of the high stakes, investors will want to carry out a very thorough examination of the business and so navigating a process can be complex and time consuming. Although there are many issues to consider, here we highlight four key considerations that are important for management.

Will your business structure help you grow?
David Blacher

20 April 2017

For fast-growing and ambitious tech companies, the right business structure is key. The wrong structure can make it harder to reach strategic objectives: the business becomes more difficult to manage and ultimately incurs higher tax and compliance costs.