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Consumer sector at risk: how to stay on the right side of the Modern Slavery Act?
Akhlaq Ahmed

27 April 2017

The Modern Slavery Act is global legislation which requires comprehensive reporting and the publication of an anti-slavery statement on a company’s homepage.

RSM appoints new forensic partner
Andrew Conti

18 January 2017

RSM has strengthened its forensic practice by appointing a new forensic partner in its London office.

Akhlaq Ahmed


Akhlaq is a partner within RSM UK’s forensic services practice and leads the accounting investigations business at RSM UK.

Forensic and fraud services

RSM has the extensive experience and specific skillset needed to support your organisation with the full range forensic accounting services.

Asset tracing

With over two decades of experience in tracing assets and a global network of more than 110 offices, RSM is well placed to support the planning and execution of your recovery action.

Business intelligence

Let RSM’s business intelligence services team do the essential investigations before you enter a new partnership, mitigating potential financial and legal risk.

Dispute services

With our wide-ranging experience and access to a united network of experts, RSM’s forensic services team can help clients and their legal advisors understand the issues and develop the right strategies.

Forensic technology

As information-storage and communications technologies develop at an astonishing rate, forensic technology must stay abreast – even ahead – of the pace of change. We put our understanding of the rules of evidence and our technological expertise to work for you.


Let us leverage our global reach to investigate fraud, corruption and other cases of misconduct on your behalf, and work with us to reduce your vulnerability to dishonest practices.

Integrity due diligence

Conducting integrity due diligence is an often-essential means of protecting yourself in advance of a potential investment, such as a joint venture or acquisition. RSM can provide you with the detailed, up-to-date intelligence you need to make strategic decisions.