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Is Patent Box supporting all levels of business?

04 October 2018

The latest Patent Box statistics show a split in benefit between large and smaller businesses, but who is gaining most from lower rates of corporation tax? Is red tape deterring smaller businesses from claiming a relief to which they may be entitled?

R&D tax relief claims rise by over 50 per cent
James Tetley

27 September 2018

New statistics from HMRC have revealed that there was a 52 per cent year-on-year rise in the number of claims for research and development (R&D) tax credits submitted by companies in 2016-17, with the level of support provided rising by 20 per cent.

Tax breaks plough nearly £4bn back into UK creative industry
James Tetley

23 July 2018

New statistics reveal that HMRC paid out £868m in creative sector tax relief during 2017/18 (£3.7bn since the reliefs were introduced).

HMRC sets the bar higher for software R&D claims

18 May 2018

In recent years, HMRC has changed its approach to R&D tax relief claims for software development and has hired IT specialists. IT-related claims are often passed to these specialists to review. Many practitioners on the HMRC R&D Consultative Committee, including RSM, have argued that this sets the bar higher for software claimants.

New figures show significant disparities in regional and sector R&D activity
James Tetley

27 February 2018

New data published by HMRC has highlighted significant disparities in R&D tax relief claims across different UK regions and sectors.

Is R&D tax relief fully utilised by construction firms?
James Tetley

10 January 2018

Historically, the real estate and construction sector has fallen behind other sectors, unaware the work it does may qualify for research and development (R&D) tax relief. But the relief continues to encourage businesses to spend more on innovation in the UK.

Changes to R&D and indexation allowance - the good and the bad

15 December 2017

Following the Chancellor’s Budget announcements, the proposed changes to R&D tax relief and indexation allowance are examples of measures considered likely to have a significant effect – one positive and one negative - on impacted companies.

Myth three: HMRC will start a tax investigation into all our tax affairs if we make a claim
James Tetley

18 May 2017

Businesses are naturally concerned that an R&D claim could trigger a tax investigation. But this really isn’t the case. Learn why a collaborative approach with HMRC really works and helps build a better long term relationship.

Research and Development tax credit

11 May 2017

Despite the continuous need for innovation and bespoke solutions, there are two common assumptions made by companies; they do not undertake any qualifying Research and Development Tax credit activities and it is too difficult to make a successful claim. We have found that there are common myths that can often stop companies making a claim. Our video series and thought leadership explores these misconceptions and why your company should challenge your pre-conceptions on eligibility to make a claim.

RSM appoints new tax partner in Southampton
James Tetley

28 November 2016

RSM has appointed James Tetley as a tax partner based in its Southampton office.