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Dealing with workforce disputes
Carolyn Brown

09 July 2018

Claims and complaints by disgruntled staff or enforcement action by regulatory bodies can inflict significant reputational and financial damage on organisations. Complying with employment law and following best HR process is the key to mitigating that risk.

New forces at work

09 July 2018

New forces are transforming the world of work. Societal shifts, digital technologies and tightening regulations are changing your people’s expectations about how, when and where they work. In this new era, outdated practices around recruitment, people management and workforce structures will leave your organisation exposed.

Onboarding new recruits
David Gibbens

07 February 2018

Onboarding a new colleague to a business is an exciting time. It’s the stage where employees really get a feel for the role and organisation and getting this process wrong can be expensive. So why do organisations overlook this critical process?

Recruit, retain, protect

07 February 2018

It has never been more important to hire and retain the right talent to drive business performance and improve productivity. We all understand that recruitment can be an expensive process, but how aware are you of the hidden costs linked to retaining your workforce?

David Gibbens

Head of HR Consultants

David has 10+ years in Consultancy advising Middle Market organisations on a range of HR challenges aligned to business strategy. He has helped both private and public-sector businesses in the UK and internationally to envision, engage and execute tangible interventions that achieve business results through its people.

Global payroll and HR services

Our payroll and HR service mobilises payroll specialists from across our RSM International network, all managed and overseen by a central point of contact in the UK with expertise not only in technical global payroll issues but also in process and deadline management.