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Finance Bill 2016 - issues for the real estate and construction sector
Adrian Benosiglio

31 March 2016

Following the publication of Finance Bill 2016, we consider its impact and other key measures affecting the real estate sector.

Buy-to-let investors: options if caught by the new tax changes

17 February 2016

6 April 2016 heralds the start of a series of changes for buy to let property owners, as previously reported, but what are the options going forward?

Land remediation relief - a force against Japanese Knotweed
Adrian Benosiglio

26 November 2015

Japanese knotweed is a nuisance at the very least. It can break through foundations, ruin building structures and be extremely difficult and expensive to remove. If you own land which is affected by this destructive force, the costs to remove it can be high but tax relief may be available.

Residential property

25 November 2015

Summary of minor changes for individuals

25 November 2015

A few minor changes were announced for individuals – most of them are positive and are summarised here.

Your guide to investing in UK real estate
Adrian Benosiglio

03 November 2015

Overseas investors continue to look to the UK as an attractive location to invest. But what are the key tax implications?

Supreme Court decision could have implications for UK trusts

11 August 2015

A recent decision from the Supreme Court regarding the UK income tax treatment of a member of a Delaware LLC could have implications for UK trusts with overseas beneficiaries.

Still waiting for mañana – update on Spanish IHT refunds

05 August 2015

It is thought that those due refunds of Spanish Inheritance Tax may have to wait up to 9 months for their claims to be lodged and processed.

Do you qualify for the new IHT £1m allowance? Plannings the name of the game...

05 August 2015

The debate continues to rumble on about the complexities surrounding the new £1m Inheritance Tax Nil Rate Band (NRB). To recap, over the next four years a new Residence Nil Rate Band (RNRB) will be introduced up to £175k to be offset against a main residence inherited by direct descendants. But the real question is how far it really bridges the gap for children to inherit the family home tax free?

Property taxes - the good, the bad, and the complicated!
Joan Foster

08 July 2015

Real estate was definitely a hot topic in the Summer Budget, with both expected and unexpected changes.