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Joining the 60 per cent club?

15 July 2017

800,000 people will pay the 60 per cent tax rate in 2017/2018 – will you be one of them?

'Dementia tax' raises questions around planning

23 May 2017

The Conservative proposal regarding how to fund social care costs in the future – dubbed the ‘dementia’ tax – raises many questions, but what about future tax planning? Will this be easy to navigate? Will it bring future complexity? Or will it be too difficult to implement

Buy-to-let landlords: think twice before rushing to use a company

19 April 2017

Tax changes introduced on 6 April 2017 have led some landlords to consider whether property should be held in a company rather than personally. Full interest relief should be available to most buy-to-let properties held in a company, so on the face of it, it seems a better tax position – but is it?

Landlord tax changes bite

18 April 2017

The government’s pledge to not raise rates of income tax, VAT and National Insurance contributions during the current parliament (the triple lock) has meant that it has had to look to other ways of increasing the tax take.

Non-resident landlords may become subject to corporation tax
Adrian Benosiglio

28 March 2017

The corporation tax regime is complex and subject to a wide range of anti-avoidance measures. A lower rate and additional deductions for management expenses should be welcomed.

Up to £38,300 tax free – no questions asked

22 March 2017

If you add up all the many tax-free allowances for different types of profits, and organised your finances to use them all, you could enjoy as much as £38,300 of income and gains without paying any tax at all. Now that’s a valuable prompt ahead of the start of the new 2017/18 tax year.

12 months in the world of property tax
Adrian Benosiglio

20 March 2017

Since MIPM 2016 the residential investment market has borne the brunt of tax changes, further increasing the cost of investing in UK property.

Inheritance tax planning - don't leave it too late

17 March 2017

Inheritance tax planning is about ensuring that reliefs and allowances, which in some cases can fully exempt an estate from tax, are being fully utilised. The rules for these reliefs can often be complex and while many might think they should apply, they might not – and this might only be discovered when it is too late.

Dividend dis-allowance

09 March 2017

The £5,000 tax-free dividend allowance was introduced in the first Budget of the new Conservative government in summer 2015. This, we were told, would create a ‘simpler system’ which would mean only those with significant dividend income would pay more tax. Now, less than two years later, it seems that we will have a more complex system and those with modest income from shares will see a rise in the amount of tax they owe. Two years is clearly a long time in politics.

More changes for real estate

09 March 2017

The Budget has not brought any major surprises to the property sector. Relief from rates for small businesses and pubs as well as the extension of anti-avoidance measures may impact on genuine businesses. Inheritance tax and the restriction of interest and corporate losses to be introduced in April are still a concern for the sector