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Where will growth come from?
Howard Freedman

05 November 2015

Overseas investment into the UK will continue throughout 2016 and this is no bad thing for the UK property industry; this was the overarching finding of the RSM survey carried out by Property Week.

Your guide to investing in UK real estate
Adrian Benosiglio

03 November 2015

Overseas investors continue to look to the UK as an attractive location to invest. But what are the key tax implications?

Office to residential conversions – don’t forget the hidden VAT costs
Howard Freedman

28 September 2015

With effect from 30 May 2013, the requirement to obtain planning permission for change of use when converting an office building to residential use was scrapped.

The demanding insurance requirements from lenders that you should be aware of
Howard Freedman

19 September 2015

There has recently been a hardening stance by lenders and their legal advisers in regard to insurance policies covering properties used as security for loans.

Property taxes - the good, the bad, and the complicated!
Joan Foster

08 July 2015

Real estate was definitely a hot topic in the Summer Budget, with both expected and unexpected changes.

Significant impact for residential property owners
Adrian Benosiglio

08 July 2015

The Summer Budget has brought a number of measures, which will impact on the real estate sector.

Property tax

In recent years there have been a number of changes to the way property is taxed in the UK. The rules are now complex and full of pitfalls.We recommend seeking specialist advice to ensure compliance and make tax savings.

Residential property tax

Those buying property face many tax issues, whether it is for their main home or an investment. For example, inheritance tax and the family home is complex, as is managing capital gains on buy to let property. Our expert team can help.

Howard Freedman

Partner, Head of Real Estate and Construction

Howard heads up the real estate and construction team. In addition to assisting companies on audit, assurance and financial reporting matters he is also involved in advising clients in relation to their business generally and how best to structure themselves optimally.

Adrian Benosiglio

Partner, Real Estate Tax

Adrian is a tax partner in the London office and has over 20 years of experience in advising on tax matters.