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Off to university?

23 August 2016

With A-level results out and record numbers of students accepting places at university, students and their parents will be considering how to finance the costs as tax-efficiently as possible.

Levelling the playing field

16 August 2016

The government looks set to level the playing field of salary sacrifice, but is this the best approach for a modern workforce? And will it impact the future recruitment of talent?

Does simplification have to mean bigger tax bills?

16 August 2016

Simplifying the complex tax and National Insurance treatment of termination payments will be a welcome move, but does it come at the cost of bigger tax bills?

On top of your reporting requirements? Don't miss the 6 July deadline

22 June 2016

Share schemes provide a real incentive for staff to perform and contribute to the future growth of the business as they have a vested interest in its success. But with only two weeks until the online return deadline, are businesses on top of their reporting requirements?

Non-dom tax changes – is it time to leave the UK?

16 June 2016

Non-dom tax changes, media scrutiny of 'offshore' assets, Brexit, uncertainty over tax rules. Is it time to leave the UK?

Another confusing simplification!

17 May 2016

With the introduction of the Personal Savings Allowance taxpayers could be forgiven for assuming that interest on their bank accounts would in future be tax-free. Sadly that may not always be the case.

A new relief for investors

12 May 2016

A new form of capital gains tax relief is now available to investors to operate alongside the existing entrepreneurs’ relief.

Options when planning for retirement: pensions, ISAs or LISAs?

15 April 2016

The introduction of the lifetime ISA (LISA) from April 2017 gives the under 40s more options when planning for retirement.

Last call for pre year end tax planning

30 March 2016

With 5th April less than a week away, it’s time to get your skates on if you want to take advantage of year-end tax planning. But before you do, read our advice on the best ways to save yourself some hard-earned cash.

Pensions, ISAs or LISAs?

23 March 2016

The introduction of the new lifetime ISA in the Budget means people now have a number of options when planning for retirement. So what’s best a pension, an ISA or LISA? The choice isn’t going to be an easy one that’s for sure! We provide a handy comparison table.