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Is naming and shaming tax defaulters an effective tax evasion deterrent?
Sarah Saunders

23 August 2018

Being ‘named and shamed’ as a tax evader presents a serious reputational and financial risk. But do taxpayers see this as a deterrent? And do they know the risks?

Increased HMRC focus on offshore property for developers
Justin Stevenson

03 April 2018

Are your clients at risk of an investigation by the Offshore Property Developers Task Force (OPDTF)?

Tax efficient investments
Karen Clark

01 March 2018

Generous tax reliefs are available through the use of individual savings accounts and through investment in private companies.

HMRC's targeting of EIS investors could damage the growth of the UK economy
Mike Down

09 February 2018

HMRC appears concerned about perceived abuse of the enterprise investment scheme (EIS) tax reliefs available to individuals. It is undertaking a data-mining programme, using profiling, to open detailed formal tax enquiries into the personal tax affairs of investors, principally to gather data.

HMRC urgently needs to clarify penalty policy
Mike Down

11 January 2018

HMRC has recently revised its penalty factsheet which appears to impose new penalty arrangements for those wishing to correct historic tax errors. There is an urgent need for HMRC to clarify exactly what the policy now is and to confirm its legal basis.

Act now if you want to pay your tax by credit card RSM warns
Karen Clark

04 January 2018

RSM is advising taxpayers wishing to pay their tax by credit card to act now before HMRC stops accepting personal credit card payments.

When is a van not a van? When it’s a car
Mike Down

13 September 2017

A recent First Tier Tax Tribunal decision leaves many employees facing heavy tax bills on company cars that they thought were vans. Employers will need to consider settling the bills on their behalf to avoid having disgruntled employees. The Tribunal gave some useful guidelines on the distinction between a van and a car, but the position remains hopelessly unclear, especially with misleading HMRC guidance.

Catching the tax dodgers
Mike Down

16 August 2017

This week, the nation had the chance to follow HMRC cracking down on tax evaders in a Channel 4 documentary, but was this a fair representation of current enforcement or an out-of-date representation of HMRC’s modern investigation methods?

Charity tax relief stats shed light on UK population's charitable giving
Karen Clark

04 July 2017

The latest charitable tax relief statistics have been released by HMRC, and a few interesting facts emerge about the UK population’s charitable giving.

Action needed by trusts to comply with beneficial owner register requirements
Karen Clark

04 July 2017

Action is needed by trusts to comply with a new requirement for a beneficial ownership register for trusts operated by HMRC. New trusts within the scope will need to register by 5 October 2017 and information on existing trusts must be provided by 31 January 2018.