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Termination payments rules are changing - what does this mean for HR?

22 March 2018

Here are some practical considerations your HR team should think about with regards to employment contracts and termination payments.

A snow bomb, employee absence and the question of pay
Kerri Constable

The recent adverse weather conditions have highlighted to many employers the difficulties some their workers had getting into work. This has prompted a number of questions from managers and business owners about whether workers who do not attend are entitled to receive pay.

HR audits create more effective and efficient working practices

16 February 2018

Work and employment law is an ever changing area, therefore it is important that policies and procedures keep up with new legislation and regulations. Read more to find out how HR audits can help create more effective working practices.

Non-resident directors of UK companies and the tax implications

19 January 2018

It’s quite common for overseas directors of UK companies to visit the UK for short term business trips. However, the tax and NIC requirements that are triggered under PAYE by these visits are often overlooked.

ONS report should help companies seeking to close gender pay gap
Kerri Constable

17 January 2018

Kerri Constable, senior HR consultant at RSM UK comments on today’s Office of National Statistics report entitled Understanding the gender pay gap in the UK.

Kerri Constable

Associate Director

Kerri has over 10 years’ experience in HR as well as over 5 years in HR consultancy. She worked in Investment Banking at the beginning of her HR career helping to set up graduate recruitment assessment centres for various banking entities.

Over 90 per cent of companies yet to comply with gender pay gap rules
Kerri Constable

04 January 2018

With just three months to go before the deadline for publishing gender pay gap reports, more than 90 per cent of affected companies have yet to comply with the new rules.

Take extra care with employee living accommodation

12 December 2017

We are seeing increased numbers of employees being caught out by missing or incorrectly reporting employee living accommodation benefits. Here we look at what employers should consider, to ensure correct employment tax and NIC treatment is applied.

National Minimum Wage - Complex rules can lead to expensive errors

25 August 2017

The government’s latest list of employers who failed to pay National Minimum Wage includes employers from retail, leisure and hospitality, manufacturing and social care sectors. This blog explores the most common mistakes, the penalties of being caught, and how to avoid expensive fines and being named and shamed.

Tax, Taylor and transparent transactions

07 August 2017

A welcome relief to many tax specialists on reading the Taylor Review was the extent to which it sought to address the issue of tax as well working rights.