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Make it in manufacturing - securing your workforce

20 May 2019

An ageing workforce and a skills shortage are longstanding issues within the manufacturing sector but how can manufacturers combat these challenges and secure their workforces for the future?

Tackling an ageing workforce
Mike Thornton

20 May 2019

The average age of manufacturing staff has climbed beyond that of the finance, retail, hospitality and construction sectors. So what can manufacturers do to ensure they retain their existing talent whilst also encouraging knowledge and skills sharing with the next generation?

Securing new skills
Mike Thornton

20 May 2019

Recent data suggests that the national average percentage of vacancies that are caused by skills shortages is 23 per cent but in manufacturing, this figure is around 35 per cent. With potential workers increasingly influenced by more than just salary, it is important that manufacturers find ways to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Employment allowance – are you claiming?

18 May 2019

The employment allowance was introduced in April 2014 to support employers to grow and hire new staff. From next year the Government has decided to further target it at smaller businesses.

RSM appoints new regional head of payroll outsourcing
Steve Sweetlove

07 May 2019

Leading audit, tax and consulting firm RSM has appointed Michael McAllister as its regional head of payroll outsourcing in Scotland and Northern Ireland.


12 March 2019

There is a theory that it is people that build businesses, and certainly many of us know this to be true. What then, are UK businesses to do while facing Brexit and all the uncertainties that this will bring for their workforces?

Harnessing technology
Steve Sweetlove

09 July 2018

How long does it take for your organisation to onboard employees or approve holiday requests, process sick leave or amend payroll records? As technology transforms the world we live in, your people have a growing expectation that you’ll be able to do this instantly. Can your analogue systems keep up?

New forces at work

09 July 2018

New forces are transforming the world of work. Societal shifts, digital technologies and tightening regulations are changing your people’s expectations about how, when and where they work. In this new era, outdated practices around recruitment, people management and workforce structures will leave your organisation exposed.

Mark Holland

RSM holds regular employment focused events at our offices around the UK.

Mark Holland

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