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Alison Ashley, RSM’s head of motor retail, highlights her key predictions for 2021
Alison Ashley

19 January 2021

Alison Ashley, RSM’s head of motor retail, highlights her key predictions for 2021 including: cash burn for dealers, Brexit ensures bumps in the road and curbs on consumer spending.

September new car demand plateaus as dealers head into a challenging final quarter
Alison Ashley

05 October 2020

Alison Ashley, partner at RSM, comments: ‘The all-important barometer of the September plate change month has dampened the short-lived optimism from buoyed demand since dealerships reopened. New car registrations fell by 4.4 per cent which sets a new record low for September year on year.

Motor retailers should maximise cash flow from increased tax reliefs
Alison Ashley

07 August 2020

Leading audit, tax and consulting firm RSM is urging motor retailers to ensure they have maximised available capital allowances – this is a valuable form of tax relief on capital expenditure that motor retailers incur.

Automotive manufacturing
Richard Bartlett-Rawlings

16 June 2020

Automotive manufacturers face many challenges and we have automotive manufacturing specialists that can assist you to ensure you are best placed to face these challenges head on.

RSM reacts to notional increase in car registrations in September
Alison Ashley

08 October 2019

Alison Ashley, head of automotive, comments on the notional increase in car registrations in September.

RSM predicts a drop in car registrations in September
Alison Ashley

03 October 2019

RSM is predicting an unseasonal drop in September car registrations due to ongoing issues, including a move away from diesel; supply for petrol and low emission vehicles; and economic and political uncertainty in the market.

Brexit and diesel impact hits car registrations in March
Alison Ashley

04 April 2019

The drop in March registrations is not unexpected, due to Brexit uncertainty and the availability of the right stock. The shift in demand from diesel, to petrol, hybrid or electric vehicles has been acute; and in some cases, supply hasn’t kept up with demand, so dealers are struggling to deliver the right mix of products for customers.

Brexit decoy for Nissan’s U-turn
Alison Ashley

06 February 2019

The recent announcement from Nissan to build its X-Trail SUV in Japan rather than Sunderland is clearly a blow for the automotive manufacturing industry in the UK. In response, the Brexit rhetoric has been amplified, but the predominant drivers behind this decision are demand driven.

Automotive predictions for 2019
Alison Ashley

07 January 2019

Alison Ashley, Head of automotive at RSM, shares her predictions for the motor sector in 2019.

Unseasonal drop in new car registrations in September
Alison Ashley

04 October 2018

As expected we’ve seen an unseasonal dip in new car registrations following the spike last month due to a rush to land registrations ahead of the new WLTP measures. Not even consumer demand to secure the new plate could boost activity, as certain manufacturers have limited supply having slowed production ahead of WLTP to mitigate scrappage of non-compliant stock.