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Jo Newman


Jo leads RSM UK’s global compliance and reporting services (GCRS) project management team based in Milton Keynes. Jo works primarily with multi-national mid-market clients who are looking to transform and manage their international compliance, accounting and reporting responsibilities, together with the associated risks, through outsourcing and transformational solutions.

Global Compliance and Reporting Services

Our Global Compliance & Reporting Services (GCRS) team focuses specifically on helping mid-market clients monitor and meet all their accounting compliance and other filing obligations around the globe, whether they are just beginning their international expansion journey or are already established global players in their industry.

Entering international markets

In conjunction with our RSM member firm network, our teams can offer advice and guidance on those first steps, the vehicle through which you should enter a new market, the finance and people liabilities and obligations you will meet, the pros and cons of a centralised delivery verses local delivery model in each country - ultimately ensuring that you remain competitive and compliant.

Established global footprint

International penalty regimes can be costly and can severely impact your reputation with all stakeholders. This is not helped by the lack of global standardisation of process and technology. Our Global Compliance Services team can become your eyes and ears to make sure all deadlines are met.


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