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Developing sponsorship capability

We can help you ensure that your investments in change are sponsored and led in an effective way, returning positive results and delivering the strategic objectives.

Model assurance

Best practice financial modelling is about having the right people, process and principles in place. Review and testing are critical components in those processes. Work in partnership with RSM to cut the risk of errors and build or refine a financial model that’s fit for purpose.

Model development

The right financial model can bring a host of advantages for your business. We can fulfil all your modelling and analytical requirements, whatever your company’s size and sector.

Project finance

With our team of accountants, former bankers and commercial analysts, combined with our record of structuring transactions across a wide range of sectors, RSM is well equipped to provide the tailored service you need for your project.

Infrastructure advisory

Our infrastructure advisory team can draw on RSM’s united network of members to provide you with the specialist advice and innovative models you need - whatever your industry or geography.

Public private partnerships

RSM’s Public Private Partnership (PPP) advisory team has been deeply involved in this ever-shifting area since the early days of the Private Finance Initiative (PFI). Let us work with you to provide the level of service you need for success.

Alistair Hynd


Alistair is a corporate finance partner with over 20 year's experience in the banking and advisory sectors.

Don’t let circular logic drive you round the bend

In this series we have been revisiting the core principles underpinning modelling best practice, trying to provide a layman’s overview and explain why modellers get hot under the collar. This article looks at the modellers’ bête noire: circular references.

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What modellers can learn from the mapmakers

Continuing our look at the key building blocks to best practice modelling, this piece focuses on what most financial modellers would agree is a critical principle to observe when modelling: consistency.

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How to avoid your financial model blowing up in your face

If you are given a model with inputs all over the place, with data interspersed with calculations, with overtyped formulae, or with unstructured or opaque looking assumptions…be warned.

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