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Models for uncertain times
Alistair Hynd

06 November 2017

Political and economic upheaval means greater uncertainty when looking at M&A. Alistair Hynd explains how robust financial models can help manage the unpredictable when transacting.

Are batteries and fuel cells the fifth element?
Alistair Hynd

15 September 2017

Experts have again warned that in order to meet the UK's long term climate goals, additional sources of low-carbon energy will be needed. Offshore wind farms and nuclear repeatedly hit the headlines but could batteries provide a solution?

Managing spreadsheet risk

11 September 2017

Research regularly highlights the risks involved in spreadsheet use.

How may recent events affect the UK’s infrastructure sector?
Alistair Hynd

03 July 2017

How will major events in the past 12 months such as Brexit, Trump’s election and a minority UK government, affect the infrastructure sector?

Infrastructure delivery plan to continue

25 November 2016

We forecast that existing projects in the infrastructure delivery plan would continue and that further investments would be announced.

Third Heathrow runway social and technical project challenges
Alistair Hynd

27 October 2016

The Government has at last made a decision with regards to the location of a third runway. But the decision puts a spotlight on the challenges that complex projects face.

RSM comments on the final decision on airport expansion

26 October 2016

Expanding Heathrow Airport will be technically and logistically one of the most difficult projects UK will deliver over the next decade or so.

Can you increase your organisation's performance by adopting an agile approach?

19 October 2016

Over the past few years agile methodologies have spread across a wide range of industries and functions and are even influencing behaviour at the executive level.

Emergency services: collaboration are you prepared for the upcoming changes?

19 October 2016

Various factors point to a scale of change greater than that achieved through the 2010-2015 Spending Review period and a type of change that requires a degree of collaboration beyond what has successfully been delivered previously.

Final decision on airport expansion cannot come soon enough
Alistair Hynd

17 October 2016

Alistair Hynd, RSM’s co-head of infrastructure comments on the news that the Government’s decision on airport expansion is imminent