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Employers being caught out by complexity of National Minimum Wage rules
Bill Longe

09 May 2018

HMRC has today announced that in the last year its enforcement teams have successfully recovered £15.6m for some 200,000 workers not paid the national minimum wage. These figures compare to recoveries in the previous year of £10.9m for 98,000 workers.

Tribunal delivers tax blow to BBC television stars
Bill Longe

15 February 2018

In the first of a number of similar cases, the tax tribunal has dealt a blow to television presenters working for the BBC through personal service companies.

Government's Taylor Review proposals will inevitably lead to increased costs for employers
Bill Longe

07 February 2018

Bill Longe, head of employer tax at RSM responds to the Government’s response to the Taylor Review

Automatic naming and shaming for National Minimum Wage infringements is too inflexible
Bill Longe

08 December 2017

Bill Longe, head of employer solutions at RSM , comments on the publication of the latest list of companies named and shamed for breaching minimum wage rules.

Uber ruling could have huge implications for the UK labour market
Bill Longe

28 October 2016

Bill Longe, Head of Employer Solutions at RSM comments on the Employment Tribunal decision that Uber will have to grant its drivers basic employment rights.

Parallel parking
Bill Longe

08 March 2016

So how will the Budget affect employees? Salary sacrifice and free parking could fall under the Chancellor’s beady eye, and don’t rule out another raid on the pension pot…

And they're off ! The Budget and pensions grand national
Bill Longe

24 February 2016

With yet more changes expected to pensions in the Budget, which one will fall at the first and which will make it across the line? Or can we expect a photo finish? One thing’s for certain, as we enter the final furlong before the Budget, it really could be anyone’s race…

Diesel car benefit saving goes up in smoke
Bill Longe

25 November 2015

The Chancellor announces increases in company car benefit taxes for one in three company car drivers.

The Apprenticeship Levy
Bill Longe

25 November 2015

In his Autumn statement the Chancellor set out his proposals to introduce a levy on ‘large employers’ to pay for new apprenticeships.

Hurricane Osborne blows in big tax rises for 400,000 employees
Bill Longe

17 November 2015

So what has the Chancellor got up his sleeve for employees? Well brace yourself, because a big tax increase which could affect 400,000 workers and add £400 a year to their tax bill could be on the cards…