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The UK has a long history of bi-lateral trade and investment with the US, with each being a significant contributor of foreign direct investment to the other. Despite this well-trodden path there remain challenges for individual companies looking to invest or trade cross-border.

Aside from taxes, what will be the biggest change in the US economy?

Outside of tax policy over the next few years, the single biggest change coming from the United States economy will be a multi-year trillion dollar infrastructure project.

Why would a free trade agreement between the UK and the US be beneficial for the middle market?

A US/ UK free trade agreement would be beneficial for the middle-market because we now understand how to use recent trade innovations to put the middle market at the centre of free trade agreement.

What are the risks for the UK's middle market?

Joe Brusuelas thinks the single largest risk for the UK’s middle market will be the slowdown in consumption over the next few months due to rising import prices.

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