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Audit report changes and the impact on law firms
Rowan Williams

29 March 2021

Law firms now need to provide lengthier and more detailed audit reports as a result of changes to the International Standards of Auditing. What do you need to know about the changes and how will they impact your law firm?

Hywel Pegler


Hywel is a corporate assurance and advisory partner who advises a wide variety of businesses across the middle-market in the UK, and internationally.

EU most important market outside of UK for future growth, say UK businesses
Mark Harwood

25 June 2019

Nearly a third of UK mid-market businesses with international aspirations see the European Union as a key market for future growth, according to a recent survey by leading audit, tax and consulting firm RSM.

Global growth - connecting your world to ours
Mark Harwood

23 June 2019

With global mobility becoming increasingly common, we have outlined key considerations and practical advice to help you ensure that your business prospers from global growth. However, as with all business endeavours, take time to research your options and plan thoroughly with experienced advisers.

What are the opportunities for the UK’s middle market?
Mark Harwood

25 January 2017

I think there are two major opportunities for the UKs middle market, the first is via the appreciation of Sterling that’s greater opportunities for trade due to significant changes in the terms of trade that means increased competitiveness for the UK middle-market firms.

What can we expect from the first year of the Trump administration?
Mark Harwood

23 January 2017

From the first year of the Trump administration we expect to see two budgets and the repeal and delay of the affordable healthcare act.

What a Trump presidency might mean for the UK’s middle market
Mark Harwood

20 January 2017

Joe Brusuelas, Chief Economist from RSM US speculates on what the first year of the Trump administration will look like, outlining what he feels are the opportunities and threats for the UKs middle market.

The implications of a Trump presidency
Mark Harwood

13 December 2016

The reality of the election of Donald J. Trump as President of the United States provides a unique opportunity for the United Kingdom to improve trade, ensure investment and reinvigorate the special relationship with the US to terms more favourable to the British economy.

Disclosure of beneficial ownership information - PSC register requirements
Mark Harwood

22 April 2016

Recent legislation enacted in the EU and the UK introduces new rules which require collation and disclosure of beneficial ownership information. This information will, in most instances, be available on the public record.

Aside from taxes, what will be the biggest change in the US economy?
Mark Harwood

Outside of tax policy over the next few years, the single biggest change coming from the United States economy will be a multi-year trillion dollar infrastructure project.