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Job Support Scheme

23 October 2020

The Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced details of the Job Support Scheme which aims to help employers pay their employees wages. Whilst more detail will be revealed in the coming weeks, contact us for more information.

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A catalyst for change: New ways of working for the travel and tourism industry
Ian Bell

14 October 2020

As CJRS ends, the burning question on every senior leader’s mind will be workforce, and what next?

Job retention bonus

05 October 2020

The government will pay a job retention bonus of £1,000 to UK employers for every furloughed employee who remains continuously employed through to the end of January 2021. Find out more on the scheme here.

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More than 600 jobs saved at Gusto, as RSM advises on successful CVA
Damian Webb

28 September 2020

RSM has advised Gusto Italian on a successful CVA (Company Voluntary Arrangement) securing the future of the business and more than 600 jobs.

Payrolling benefits in kind – what you should know

25 September 2020

Payrolling of benefits allows employers to tax employee benefits via the payroll, removing the requirement to report them on P11Ds. Find out how you can do this and whether it is right for your organisation.

Winter Economic Plan: Latest government measures welcome, but a headache for those without an eye for detail says RSM
Carolyn Brown

25 September 2020

Today the Chancellor announced his Winter Economic Plan including a new Job Support Scheme (JSS) which is welcome news for many following the Prime Minister’s earlier statement on restrictions for the coming six months. The Treasury was under pressure to present a replacement for the furlough scheme which ends imminently.

What to try before you seek a capital and debt restructure
Gareth Harris

22 September 2020

Each of the stakeholders in your business (no matter how big or small) will expect you to have considered some intermediate steps before you approach them for help. This article explains some of the things you must have tried this or asked before you ask for wider support.

Alternatives to capital and debt restructure
Gareth Harris

22 September 2020

Capital and debt restructuring processes can achieve a great deal and solve a lot of issues. But it’s possible that other more formal restructuring processes will be required as well - especially if there are more stakeholders than it’s possible to engage with or greater cost savings are needed to ensure survival.

Why a consensual process is vital in capital and debt restructure
Gareth Harris

22 September 2020

In any restructuring process, it is important to keep all stakeholders on board and motivated to complete the deal – even when bumps in the road appear. Maintaining this consensual process can require a great deal of diplomacy, negotiation and some challenging conversations, but it is vital to get the right structure for the longer term.

How to align stakeholder interests on capital and debt restructure
Gareth Harris

22 September 2020

In normal circumstances, most of the key stakeholders in a business share a common aim: the continuing good performance of the company. Their ultimate end goals may differ - your bank may be focussed on repayment of its debt, whereas your employees may be more concerned with job security – but, by and large, there’s alignment. This alignment can break, however, if your business has become burdened with too much debt or the wrong capital structure. Without alignment, some stakeholders can take decisions that may be in their own best interests but that are not in the company’s.