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The cost of a social care levy on the over-40s
Chris Etherington

27 July 2021

Speculation that the PM and the Chancellor are close to an agreement to raise National Insurance contributions to fund social care costs has provoked criticism from across the political spectrum.

Tax return pain awaits crypto investors
Chris Etherington

23 July 2021

Cryptocurrency investors are likely to be in for a shock when preparing their tax returns this year, as they may need to undertake complex calculations and disclose details of all their crypto transactions to HMRC, even if no tax is due.

Holiday homeowners on HMRC's radar
Chris Etherington

21 May 2021

Some taxpayers who have been sitting less comfortably since the Budget and Tax Day announcements now have good reason to be looking over their shoulder as HMRC focuses on holiday home landlords.

The IHT system needs radical reform now to create a fairer society
Sarah Saunders

18 May 2021

Calls for the reform of inheritance tax are not new. The latest report from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) compares past and present approaches taken in its member countries and identifies radical opportunities for change. Will the Treasury be attracted by the prospect of simultaneously increasing both equality and tax revenues?

Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies and tax: your responsibilities
Sharon Omer Kaye

04 May 2021

Selling or moving between cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin may be subject to UK capital gains tax (CGT). If you have made any material gains, failure to declare could be very expensive.

New tax year – new tax return
Sarah Saunders

15 April 2021

Your 2020/21 self-assessment tax return may not be due until 31 January 2022, which currently seems a long way away, but in no time, you could be wishing that you had made an earlier start.

Review your high income child benefit charge position now
Sarah Saunders

15 April 2021

For the first time since its 2013 introduction, the high income child benefit charge (HICBC) can now affect basic rate tax payers.

HMRC's investment in fighting fraud and error
Sarah Saunders

09 March 2021

The Budget contains measures to give more funds to help HMRC improve its technology and fight fraud. Predictions suggest the investment should more than pay for itself.

Honest budget signals back to the future on corporation tax and reprieve for hospitality sector, business owners and angel investors
Dan Robertson

03 March 2021

Today, as what he termed ‘honest and fair’ measures to balance the public finances, the Chancellor pledged billions to continue to support businesses and families through the pandemic. He also stressed the importance of encouraging investment, especially in innovation, in order to build the UK’s future economy. This budget signalled a reprieve for business owners and angel investors with capital gains tax rates and key tax relief left untouched, but there remain concerns.

HMRC needs to protect honest taxpayers, as well as catch dishonest ones
Sarah Saunders

01 March 2021

A recent tribunal case demonstrates how gig economy workers can end up in tax trouble because they are in structures they do not understand.