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Brad Ashton

20 August 2021

The key tax and customs duty benefits of investing in freeports are outlined in our article, in anticipation that discussions between the UK government and the devolved administrations on freeports in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will lead to more freeports in the future.

Kopparberg sues HMRC for tax discrimination
Brad Ashton

17 August 2021

Swedish cider maker Kopparberg has launched a claim against HM Revenue and Customs, arguing that a tax loophole discriminated against non-UK based drinks manufacturers.

Brad Ashton


Brad Ashton is Customs & International Trade Partner at RSM UK. He has over 30 years’ experience advising clients in the customs duty and trade field, starting his career in what was HM Customs & Excise.

How does the new UK-EU trade deal impact supply chains and what solutions can be sought?
Brad Ashton

20 April 2021

Many businesses have faced challenges in some form as a result of the end of the Brexit transition period and late introduction of the UK-EU trade agreement. Initial blockages were anticipated at the ports, however, the congestion has not been as bad as anticipated.

Northern Ireland - Top 10 Brexit-related changes for VAT and customs
Jim Burberry

15 April 2021

In recent weeks, businesses have been bombarded with news of Brexit changes for VAT and customs and the (sometimes unintended) consequences for trade. RSM’s Top 10 guide for Northern Ireland will help you cut through the noise.

Supply chain management and risk in the construction sector
Paul Dowell

08 March 2021

Construction businesses importing materials from the EU post-Brexit have seen significant disruption. Find out how to prioritise supply chain management.

Supply chain risk management – the practical steps
Paul Dowell

09 February 2021

What practical steps can you take to mitigate supply chain risks and how can you react to disruption? We explore a few possible scenarios and the options at your disposal to put together your supply chain risk management strategy.

Understanding your key supply chain risks
Paul Dowell

09 February 2021

Understanding your supply chain risks is the first step to minimising the impact that they might have on your business. Develop your understanding of the key risks that might impact your business through a strategic review of your operations.

Moving personal possessions around Europe in a post-Brexit world
Brad Ashton

02 February 2021

So far, most government information and news reports have concentrated on the impact of Brexit on business, but how does the UK’s departure from the EU affect individuals moving their personal possessions cross border?

Brexit, VAT and the Northern Ireland protocol
Philip Munn

20 November 2020

We summarise HMRC's recent guidance on the VAT treatment of the Northern Ireland protocol.