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Good conditions remain for manufacturers despite supply chain problems
Mike Thornton

02 July 2021

We expected to see a continuation of the strong growth we have seen in recent months in the latest CIPS Manufacturing PMI. The slight dip on the previous record month of 65.6 to 63.9 indicates that good conditions remain, and that consumer spending is driving activity. This trend is likely to continue until international travel restrictions are lifted and competition on pent up consumer savings increases.

Manufacturing sector performance tracker
Mike Thornton

22 June 2021

The purchasing managers index (PMI) is an economic indicator containing information taken from private sector manufacturing firms. The index surveys the individuals that buy the materials needed for a company to manufacture its products.

UK CIPS Manufacturing PMI reaches record high of 65.6
Mike Thornton

02 June 2021

It’s great to see another increase in the latest CIPS Manufacturing PMI to a record high of 65.6 from 60.9; and reinforces the important role that UK manufacturing will play in the economic recovery this year.

RSM strengthens Restructuring Advisory team with partner hire
Mike Thornton

18 May 2021

Leading audit, tax and consulting firm RSM has appointed Lee Lockwood as a partner in its Restructuring Advisory team in Leeds.

How does the new UK-EU trade deal impact supply chains and what solutions can be sought?
Brad Ashton

20 April 2021

Many businesses have faced challenges in some form as a result of the end of the Brexit transition period and late introduction of the UK-EU trade agreement. Initial blockages were anticipated at the ports, however, the congestion has not been as bad as anticipated.

Northern Ireland - Top 10 Brexit-related changes for VAT and customs
Jim Burberry

15 April 2021

In recent weeks, businesses have been bombarded with news of Brexit changes for VAT and customs and the (sometimes unintended) consequences for trade. RSM’s Top 10 guide for Northern Ireland will help you cut through the noise.

Despite uncertainty, the UK is open for manufacturers
Mike Thornton

09 April 2021

Despite uncertainty and supply chain pressures, the latest CIPS Manufacturing PMI shows significant improvement increasing to a decade-high of 58.9 from 55.1.

Despite uncertainty, manufacturers need to invest in the future now
Mike Thornton

01 March 2021

After hitting a three-month low at the start of the year, the latest CIPS Manufacturing PMI signals slight improvement for manufacturers moving to 55.1 from 54.1.

Using apprenticeships to maximise manufacturing industry talent
Mike Thornton

10 February 2021

With ongoing skills shortages, the current uncertainty of labour markets and an ageing workforce, manufacturers must get the most out of apprenticeships. We can help.

Supply chain risk management – the practical steps
Paul Dowell

09 February 2021

What practical steps can you take to mitigate supply chain risks and how can you react to disruption? We explore a few possible scenarios and the options at your disposal to put together your supply chain risk management strategy.