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Fair valuing a recent acquisition and applying IFRS 3

28 November 2016

If you have recently made an acquisition you could face challenges with preparing the financial statements.

FRC's review of corporate reporting finds room for improvement
Danielle Stewart OBE

21 October 2016

The Financial Reporting Council’s Annual Review of Corporate Reporting, published today, has found that while the overall quality of corporate reporting over the last year was good, many companies have scope to improve.

Attracting investment through clear dividend disclosure
Danielle Stewart OBE

30 August 2016

The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) has published a report detailing how dividend disclosures can be fundamental to showcasing an investment opportunity as well as demonstrating board stewardship.

RSM comments on financial reporting consideration post-Brexit
Danielle Stewart OBE

12 July 2016

Danielle Stewart responds to today’s statement from the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) about the impact of Brexit on companies’ annual financial statements.

Investors require improvements to reporting
Danielle Stewart OBE

15 October 2015

A Financial Reporting Council (FRC) report has found that improving the quality of reporting by smaller listed and AIM quoted companies could increase the external investment they receive.

Transition to new UK GAAP questions
Danielle Stewart OBE

05 April 2016

New UK GAAP: we’re ready, are you?

New accounting standards to reduce onerous reporting requirements for small companies
Danielle Stewart OBE

17 July 2015

Danielle Stewart, Baker Tilly's Head of Financial Reporting, commented on the new accounting standards for micro-entities and small entities released by the Financial Reporting Council (FRC).

IFRS 15 - revenue from contracts with customers

All entities will be impacted by the new and more extensive disclosures required by the standard. Although the actual recognition of revenue may not change for some entities, all directors will need to understand the new model, as the standard contains some very detailed and specific guidance.

Financial reporting support

In today’s world, even the smallest companies engage in sophisticated activities with complex reporting implications. As reporting standards become ever-more technical, the need for specialist advice and support has never been greater. RSM’s team is on hand to provide it.

IFRS advice

As the financial world evolves and transactions become more complex, your accounting policies need to keep pace with change.