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Employee ownership is alive and well but further HMRC cuts could inhibit growth

07 June 2016

Recent reports in the national press suggesting that the Government is withdrawing its support from the ‘John Lewis’ model of employee ownership are vastly overstated, but further cuts to the services offered by HMRC to such businesses could inhibit further growth in the sector.

Employers need to face up to Apprenticeship Levy obligations - and opportunities

25 May 2016

Since the Apprenticeship Levy was first announced in the Summer Budget of 2015, a number of trade bodies including the CBI and the EEF have called for a re-think. But with no sign of a Government U-turn, businesses must now plan ahead.

Passing your company into safe hands

12 May 2016

Ready to retire but not sure how to find a purchaser to look after what you have built up? Have a look at employee ownership.

Legal Services

01 April 2016

Our legal team advise on employment, private client, LLP structures and corporate matters.

HMRC ceasing its post transaction valuation check
Fiona Bell

22 February 2016

Any private equity investors who rely on HMRC’s PTVC service need to be aware of this significant development when putting their management incentive structures in place.

Are growth shares the solution?

17 February 2016

Do you want to motivate or reward staff with ‘sweat equity’ or some ‘skin in the game’, but don’t qualify? Or limits on potential rewards are too low for a statutory share plan?

It's Employee Ownership Day - but what's in it for the workers?
Fiona Bell

03 July 2015

Today is Employee Ownership Day in the UK, celebrating the growing numbers of firms using employee ownership structures to drive employee engagement, raise productivity and save money through generous tax breaks for the company, employees and owners.

Fiona Bell


Fiona helps companies solve problems relating to employees, directors and consultants.

Planning of employee benefit packages

Employees are requesting ever increasing flexibility and choice in reward offering, salaries alone are no longer enough in maintaining employee satisfaction. RSM can help employers design and structure a reward offering to attract, develop, retain and incentivise employees.

Share, reward and incentivisation

Rewarding employees by giving them an equity stake in the business can help you attract and retain the best talent. As many employers have already found, committed and incentivised staff can often be key to business success.