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Mitigating the risks of fraud during unchartered challenges

27 March 2020

With a relaxed controls environment the risk of fraud will increase. Mitigating those risks will be critical to continued operations and vigilant governance. Read more here.

Peer to peer lender enters administration
Damian Webb

24 May 2019

Damian Webb, Phillip Sykes and Mark Wilson of RSM Restructuring Advisory LLP were today (24 May) appointed joint administrators of three companies within the Lendy Group, operators of a peer to peer secured property lending platform.

Recovery Frauds - Victims of fraud are increasingly susceptible to further frauds
Mark Wilson

18 February 2019

A recent National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) threat update noted a ten-year spike in recovery room frauds, linked to timeshare property scams.

Parkwell Investments Limited in compulsory liquidation
Mark Wilson

19 December 2018

Parkwell Investments Limited (“Parkwell”) operated as a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) telecommunications company from offices in Manchester supplying ‘electronic minutes’ across the world. Parkwell’s trade in VOIP was carried out through the use of a number of online platforms operating in both Asia and America with millions of pounds of apparent trading.

Contentious insolvency

12 December 2018

RSM’s Special Investigations team focus on contentious insolvency and fraud investigations with a demonstrated history of recovering assets from both the UK and overseas.

Ponzi schemes - Modern evolution of old-style fraud
Mark Wilson

11 December 2017

We have recently identified new and updated variations on a well-worn variety of “Ponzi” scheme fraud.

Yorkshire-based pub group goes into Liquidation
Mark Wilson

06 January 2017

Mark Wilson of RSM Restructuring Advisory LLP was appointed Liquidator of Victoria Road Pub Management Company Limited on 8 December 2016.

Steering you through a contentious insolvency case
Mark Wilson

16 December 2016

Do you suspect a fraud has occurred or you are struggling to secure a payment? We have broken down a typical insolvency investigation case into four stages to help steer you through.

Bitcoin – A very 21st century fraud
Mark Wilson

30 September 2015

RSM’s Special Investigations team have identified a growing trend in cases where virtual currencies are manipulated for fraudulent gain. Advisers charged with investigating fraud therefore need to increase their own knowledge to ensure they are up to speed on the issue.

Accelerated payment notices - is your client prepared?
Lindsey Cooper

06 August 2015

As HMRC plans to issue upwards of 64,000 accelerated payment notices, are your clients prepared?