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What lessons can be learned from the failure of high profile programmes?

13 November 2017

Recent headlines have documented the early termination of a Nuclear Decommissioning Authority 14 year long contract following a legal challenge from an unsuccessful bidder, costing millions to the UK taxpayer. In 2007, Metronet, responsible for two thirds of the Tube’s infrastructure collapsed, costing millions to the UK taxpayer. Are there links between the failures of these and other large scale programmes?

How quickly can you get your hands on relevant data to inform your decision-making?

11 April 2017

Organisations the world over are swimming in pools of data, but many waste the opportunity to marshal this data into understandable, insightful KPIs, with useful commentary, to make sure that management can measure success and implement corrections where required.

PRINCE2 project management – can this be applied to the private sector?

11 April 2017

The new edition of PRINCE2 may now appeal more, and be better suited to, delivering projects within the private sector. In this article RSM looks at why this may be the case.

Understanding the environmental liabilities you could face when buying or selling a business property
Matthew Humphrey

13 February 2017

If you are managing the sale or acquisition of a business or property there are some important questions to ask yourself in order to minimise your environmental liabilities and costs.

Can you demonstrate that your policies are being read and understood?
Matthew Humphrey

15 December 2016

Effective and accessible policies and procedures form an important part of good governance but how does an organisation know its policies are being read, understood and complied with?

Reflections on RSM at NetSuite’s SuiteConnect 2016 conference
Chris Knowles

28 October 2016

Recently, I attended NetSuite’s SuiteConnect 2016 ‘Igniting innovation with the cloud’ conference, held at the Westminster Plaza in London. RSM was proud to be gold sponsors at the number one cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) event.

Can you increase your organisation's performance by adopting an agile approach?

19 October 2016

Over the past few years agile methodologies have spread across a wide range of industries and functions and are even influencing behaviour at the executive level.

Are you confident your business strategy will become a reality?

19 October 2016

Most organisations have a strategy document. It is likely to be filled with exciting ideas and a vision of what the future would hold if only they could sell more or restructure or diversify.

Does a high trust culture conflict with good governance?
Matthew Humphrey

19 October 2016

Governance is often seen as the antithesis of a high trust culture – a piece of needless bureaucracy that has been developed to restrict innovation, flair and entrepreneurial thinking.

Minimising environmental risks in your supply chain
Matthew Humphrey

15 September 2016

Environmental risks can be present throughout your entire product and service lifecycle, and if not managed effectively can result in significant fines, prosecutions, operational disruption and reputational damage to your business.