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Hybrid working - a collective consideration
David Williams-Richardson

21 June 2021

As employers start to formulate their new policies for hybrid working, it is important to consider the implications from a collective tax, legal and HR perspective. We would urge employers to consider all these factors together before finalising new policies.

Work experience and internships: to pay or not to pay?
Charlie Barnes

07 August 2019

Summer’s here, and along with enjoying the sunshine businesses around the UK often offer internships or work experience to students. But how should they be treated? Do they need to be paid?

Changes in working rights – what the retail, hospitality and leisure sectors should prepare for
Charlie Barnes

05 March 2019

An employment law update including The Good Work Plan, casual worker guidelines, holiday pay guidance, new legislation for the handling of staff tips, a worker exploitation consultation, and updates on the National Minimum Wage and the status of Uber drivers.

What does the Chancellor's Budget mean for consumer businesses?
Ryan Broomfield

30 October 2018

Fiscal Phil has announced the Government’s last Budget before Brexit, assuming it happens, but what does it mean for the Consumer Markets sector?


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