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Creative sector tax reliefs: special purpose vehicles – the opportunities and pitfalls

24 September 2020

Many creative sector businesses use special purpose vehicles (SPVs) to maximise their tax relief claims. Discover the opportunities and pitfalls of using SPVs.

Creative sector tax reliefs: opportunities and pitfalls explained

24 September 2020

Each creative sector tax relief has its own rules and requirements to consider in order to maximise a claim. We explore some of the opportunities and pitfalls.

VAT training for your employees

09 September 2020

We discuss the various benefits of VAT training to help businesses retain watertight control over VAT processes.

July ONS retail sales show the entrenched new habits of shoppers that continue post-lockdown
Jacqui Baker

21 August 2020

Results from July’s ONS retail sales figures show the first full month of trade since non-essential stores in England were permitted to reopen by Government. Encouragingly there was growth for the second consecutive month at 3 per cent above pre-pandemic levels in February 2020.

Phil Melia

Tax Director

Phil is a tax director focussed on UK and international tax, with over 20 years’ experience, mainly within the Big 4 and in industry.

The UK is a leading player in global video games production, but tax relief is complicated and slow

04 August 2020

For those who thought playing computer games was ‘a misspent youth’, the industry is now worth over £3.86bn. Video games producers have a number of ways to maximise tax relief but it’s complicated and lengthy. Ahead of Brexit there is opportunity to enhance, simplify and strengthen our top position.

Ainsley Wainwright


Ainsley is a Director in our Employer Solutions group which specialises in employment tax and expatriate tax.

Tax changes alone won't save the UK high street

28 July 2020

While Mr Sunak’s desire to help the struggling high street is laudable, tax changes are notoriously ineffective at correcting market imbalances created by commercial pressures. Large-scale tax changes such as the business rates review and the imposition of an online sales tax also take far more time to implement than the Chancellor has at his disposal. We assess the possibilities and suggest a quick fix which the Chancellor could implement now.

The temporary reduced rate of VAT for leisure and hospitality may not be as simple as it seems
Audrey Fearing

14 July 2020

The Chancellor’s Summer Economic Statement delivered on 8 July included various measures to support hospitality and leisure businesses during the coronavirus emergency. They included a targeted temporary VAT cut for supplies of hospitality, hotel accommodation and admission to attractions.

Bill Farren


Bill is an audit partner specialising in listed and AIM groups, private equity backed entities and growing/transacting businesses of scale. He joined RSM in July 2020, having spent the previous nine years at a Big 4 firm, with four as a partner.


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