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Weekly tax brief | 21 January 2020

21 January 2020

This week's articles are 'Last minute can be costly for your tax return', 'Will entrepreneurs’ relief be abolished?', 'What does equal pay mean to the tax system?', and 'Are HMRC getting serious about closing the tax gap?'.

Are HMRC getting serious about closing the tax gap?

21 January 2020

Individuals and small businesses account for two-thirds of all the unpaid tax in the UK. With the tax gap rising to £35 billion, will prosecution or Making Tax Digital make a real difference in closing the shortfall?

What does equal pay mean for the tax system?

21 January 2020

With a significant rise in employment claims relating to worker status and worker pay, what is the tax treatment for these settlements? For most successful claimants, a tax bill will follow the award.

Will entrepreneurs’ relief be abolished?

21 January 2020

Described as the worst tax relief in the UK, entrepreneurs’ relief is an anachronism in a country which prides itself on ensuring that every tax relief is underpinned by a robust policy objective. Will it survive the Chancellor’s Budget on 11 March 2020?

Last minute can be costly for your tax return

21 January 2020

If you leave your Self-Assessment tax return to the last-minute, take extra care you don’t miss any incomes or gains, or forget your PPI!

HMRC's updated employment status manual may be useful for engagers and contractors
Susan Ball

21 January 2020

The latest update of HMRC's internal employment status manual could prove useful for businesses and their contractors concerned about reaching the correct decision on the employment status of workers for tax purposes.

Weekly tax brief | 15 January 2020

15 January 2020

This week's articles are 'Trade agreements: will UK scrap digital services tax?', 'Scottish Government to set out draft Budget plan before the UK Budget', 'New Year, new shirts, new allowance – are retailers still scratching their heads?' and 'IR35 Off-payroll working – are you ready for the new rules?'.

IR35 Off-payroll working – are you ready for the new rules?

15 January 2020

It’s 12 weeks until the new IR35/off-payroll rules come into force. Public sector and medium and large organisations as end users will feel it the most, but small entities may be impacted as fee payers. There is a lot to do and organisations need to start preparing now, if they haven’t already.

New Year, new shirts, new allowance – are retailers still scratching their heads?

15 January 2020

In October 2018, the Chancellor unexpectedly announced a brand-new capital allowance for structures and buildings, but most companies are only now starting to see its impact. Large retailers have now navigated the busy Christmas period and even busier January sales which will hopefully yield a much-needed profit boost. Will the new allowance provide a further uplift to reduce their tax bills?

Scottish Government to set out draft Budget plan before the UK Budget

15 January 2020

The Scottish Government will set out its draft Budget plans on 6 February, more than a month ahead of the UK Budget. This raises two significant issues on the block grant and devolved taxes.

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