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Weekly tax brief | 21 September 2021
George Bull

21 September 2021

This week's article includes 'Energy crisis: what are the tax lessons?' and 'National Insurance increase means many could overpay for businesses if increased staff costs not considered'.

National Insurance increase means many could overpay for businesses if increased staff costs not considered
Helen Relf

21 September 2021

It was announced that employers and employees’ National Insurance (NI) contributions will each increase by 1.25 per cent from April 2022, with the increase becoming a separate health and social care levy from April 2023. Unless this additional cost for employees is factored into transactions, those purchasing a business will not reap the profits they expected.

Energy crisis: what are the tax lessons?

21 September 2021

In one form or another, taxes and levies make up around 20 per cent of a typical household’s gas and electricity bill. The way these charges work is at odds with government policy on climate change.

Tax Voice – September 2021
David Barton

17 September 2021

The latest edition of Tax Voice outlines a range of tax related issues including the impacts hybrid working has on the permanent workplace, how changing accounting year-end could help the Treasury, OECD digital platform reporting rules, whether furnished holiday lets are a good alternative, new uncertain tax treatments reporting requirements for large businesses and the apprenticeship levy.

Weekly tax brief | 14 September 2021
George Bull

14 September 2021

This week's articles include 'Turned eighteen in the past year? If so, you may be missing out on free money', 'How can HMRC collect more tax debt?', 'When is a business not a business? When it no longer qualifies for VAT registration', 'Will UK corporation tax policy stifle economic growth?' and 'Harsh impact of Health and Social Care Levy shows MPs must be told what they’re voting for'.

Harsh impact of Health and Social Care Levy shows MPs must be told what they’re voting for

14 September 2021

Three days in the life of the new Health and Social Care Levy suggest that may be because MPs do not know what they're voting for. Parliamentary officers must get a grip on this.

How can HMRC collect more tax debt?

14 September 2021

How can HMRC improve engagement with its most reluctant debtors to speed settlement and make things better for all concerned? New research examines how ‘disengaged’ debtors view HMRC.

Weekly tax brief | 7 September 2021
George Bull

07 September 2021

This week's articles include: 'Will carefully crafted Health and Social Care Levy proposals defeat objections?', 'Tribunal Judge comments highlight confusion over CJRS rules and HMRC guidance' and 'Could tax appeals challenging incorrect advice from HMRC be about to get easier?'.

Could tax appeals challenging incorrect advice from HMRC be about to get easier?
Sarah Saunders

07 September 2021

Taxpayers who feel they have been misadvised by HMRC officers or misled by poorly worded HMRC guidance currently have few legal options for challenging the tax bills that may follow, and many simply give up. Could this be about to change?

Will carefully crafted Health and Social Care Levy proposals defeat objections?

07 September 2021

While a general income tax increase might have been a fairer and more progressive way to raise funds, higher NI contributions may be more acceptable in the long run because they carry historic associations with health and pension benefits.


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