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Remote working could lead to weakened cyber controls and more big data breaches
Ian Bell

20 May 2020

Ian Bell, RSM Head of Travel & Tourism comments on remote working leading to weakened cyber controls and more big data breaches.

How to feel confident you're complying with the furlough scheme

22 April 2020

The furlough scheme is designed as a relief for organisations, but it does bring some business risks. Make sure you stay on top of compliance and manage the potential risks to your business. Read more here.

Martin Cooper


Martin leads RSM’s Reward & Incentives practice in the North West, part of our People Advisory Services offering.

E-meetings: robust governance during extraordinary times

27 March 2020

With remote working comes new challenges and risks. Running effective online meetings as a way to enhance and ensure robust governance is key. Read more about e-meeting best practice here.

IR35 and Insight4GRC

20 March 2020

In response to the Government’s extension to off payroll arrangements, we have used Insight4GRC to create a cost effective, easy to use technology solution.

Microsoft supplier privacy and assurance standards

17 March 2020

If you plan to provide services or products to Microsoft, you will need to complete a Supplier Security and Privacy Assurance (SSPA) Data Protection Requirements (DPR) assessment. Find out how we can help.

Managing your third-party IT providers
David Morris

13 March 2020

Outsourcing or hosting arrangements don’t transfer IT risks to the third party. The process creates a different risk profile that needs to be managed and there are steps that can be taken to efficiently manage this new risk profile and help prevent issues before they surface.

Beware electronic infection: cybercriminals maximising on coronavirus

12 March 2020

Cybercriminals appear to be taking the opportunity to manipulate and scam people during this time of coronavirus uncertainty. Businesses must remain vigilant and take the appropriate steps to defend their businesses and staff.

Coronavirus: Your technology considerations

12 March 2020

As more people work from home due to coronavirus and need to rely on technology to assist in communications organisations need to ensure their IT infrastructure can cope. We have included some key considerations for organisations to cover.

Coronavirus: Your people considerations

12 March 2020

Your staff and employee health and safety concerns should be your first and foremost concern during the coronavirus crisis. But there are a number of questions organisations should have answers to during this time of uncertainty.