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Setting up landed costs in NetSuite
Roger Lovis

13 April 2021

In this video we explain what landed costs are and provide step by step instructions on how you can set them up in your NetSuite solution.

Setting up bin management in NetSuite
Roger Lovis

13 April 2021

In this video we look at how you can set up bin management in NetSuite, and explore the differences between bin management and advanced bin/numbered inventory management.

Understanding special orders and drop shipments
Roger Lovis

13 April 2021

In this video we look at the main differences between special orders and dropship items, and walk you through setting them up in your NetSuite solution.

Big data analytics: how it can help with mitigating risk in business
Sarah Belsham

17 February 2021

Data analytics and big data analytics are two elements of modern business that are unignorably important. Read more to make them work for your business.

Jasper van Heesch

Director – private equity coverage

Jasper’s role in coverage is to work with the firm's international private equity clients and their portfolio companies, helping them benefit from the operational expertise that lies in RSM UK and its global network.

Demystifying data analytics
Sarah Belsham

17 December 2020

In this episode of The Loop we are talking all things data, specifically data analytics. Jon Cronin is joined by RSM experts who help talk him through what some of the buzzwords such as big data, data mining and dashboards actually mean.

Business management
Simon Hart

10 November 2020

Discover what tools you may need to put in place to avoid disruption to core operations whilst maintaining continuity post-Brexit.

Embracing innovation – transforming construction with data and technology
Sarah Belsham

04 November 2020

Construction innovation is becoming essential for transformation in the industry. How are data and technology creating efficiencies in large scale projects?

Darren Birt


Darren has experience of business analysis, system design and implementation of NetSuite solutions, together with operational management and leadership of a professional services organisation across a wide range of sectors including professional services, warehousing and distribution, e-commerce, not-for-profit, healthcare and technology firms. His functional expertise includes multi-company finance, CRM and project management.

RPA use cases: automation in action
Darren Mee

24 September 2020

How is RPA actually used? In these articles, we look at the automation potential in different sectors and examine some of their top RPA examples.