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Over half of businesses are without cyber-security insurance as threat levels increase
Sheila Pancholi

21 April 2021

New research has revealed the extent to which middle-market businesses are exposed to cyber-attacks in the UK with 56 per cent of businesses operating without any form of cyber-security insurance. This is despite one in five companies reporting an attack in the last 12 months and the likelihood of a continued surge in cyber-attacks in the coming months, and beyond.

The threats posed by Microsoft Exchange Server vulnerabilities
Richard Curtis

16 April 2021

A recent cyber attack has highlighted vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange servers. We take a look at what happened and why organisations need to be mindful of Microsoft Exchange security.

RSM warns of ‘cybercrime epidemic’ as Black Friday looms
Sheila Pancholi

25 November 2020

RSM has warned of a potential wave of cybercrime over the coming days on a scale not seen before. The leading audit, tax and consulting firm predicts cybercrime could increase by as much as 50 per cent, as lockdown coupled with Christmas shopping creates a perfect storm for cybercrime.

Cyber risks continue to disrupt business
Sheila Pancholi

03 September 2018

We have now had a year to absorb the effects of the new ‘protected trust’ rules for offshore trusts, and to reflect on their implications for trustees and beneficiaries alike. The new rules change the UK tax treatment of trusts created prior to a settlor becoming deemed UK domiciled, but in which the settlor has retained an interest. Overall, the effect of the new rules is overwhelmingly positive, but great care needs to be taken with implementation.

Tackling cyber crime complacency
Steven Snaith

15 May 2017

Cyberattacks are disruptive at their most basic, so why aren’t organisations doing all they can to prevent them?

How important is awareness and education?
Sheila Pancholi

10 May 2017

When you look at the government's 10 steps to cybersecurity, the thing that really stands out throughout that matrix is actually board level responsibilities and risk management.

What is cybercrime and what can it impact?
Sheila Pancholi

10 May 2017

In terms of definition, you could define cybercrime as a malicious act against an IT system, some data or from an ever-increasing perspective against people.

What should organisations remember about cybercrime?
Sheila Pancholi

10 May 2017

Nobody's immune to cybercrime, at the end of the day we hear lots of cases of very large organisations.

Where are the greatest threats to businesses today?
Sheila Pancholi

10 May 2017

There's a range of key threats in today's business markets through cyberattacks.