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Why cybercrime is increasing – and how to stay secure

11 September 2020

Cybercrime is nothing new, but increased levels of connectivity, remote working, reliance on technology, and automation means the risk of attack is rising rapidly. In this article, we look at the common types of cybercrime and how you can protect your business against them.

Untangling GDPR

06 August 2020

In the first episode, we delve into the complex world of GDPR with RSM’s Sheila Pancholi and Steve Snaith, and our host Jon Cronin, where they discuss real life GDPR scenarios to deliver practical advice on how companies manage a data breach.

Business continuity management: what have we learnt from the coronavirus response?

02 June 2020

Business continuity planning and risk management are not new concepts. But there has never been a greater test of a businesses’ preparation than during the coronavirus pandemic. Find out what lessons have been learnt here.

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Reinforce your defence against cybercrime and fraud

02 June 2020

Criminals exploit uncertainty and with the level of disruption coronavirus has caused we are seeing a significant increase in fraudulent behaviour. Explore key defences against cybercrime here.

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Microsoft supplier privacy and assurance standards

17 March 2020

If you plan to provide services or products to Microsoft, you will need to complete a Supplier Security and Privacy Assurance (SSPA) Data Protection Requirements (DPR) assessment. Find out how we can help.

Managing your third-party IT providers
David Morris

13 March 2020

Outsourcing or hosting arrangements don’t transfer IT risks to the third party. The process creates a different risk profile that needs to be managed and there are steps that can be taken to efficiently manage this new risk profile and help prevent issues before they surface.

Beware electronic infection: cybercriminals maximising on coronavirus

12 March 2020

Cybercriminals appear to be taking the opportunity to manipulate and scam people during this time of coronavirus uncertainty. Businesses must remain vigilant and take the appropriate steps to defend their businesses and staff.

Coronavirus: Your technology considerations

12 March 2020

As more people work from home due to coronavirus and need to rely on technology to assist in communications organisations need to ensure their IT infrastructure can cope. We have included some key considerations for organisations to cover.

RSM cloud services now available on Government digital marketplace
Chris Knowles

19 July 2019

RSM has been successful in securing the listing of 13 of its services on the Crown Commercial Service's G-Cloud 11 Framework available on the digital marketplace.

Pension scheme member communications
Sheila Pancholi

16 July 2019

Listen to our webinar on how reviewing your communications strategy objectives and processes will add significant value and mitigate continually evolving and wide-ranging risks.