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The National Minimum Wage
Charlie Barnes

03 August 2020

National Minimum Wage (NMW) – what employers need to know. Employers who fail to pay NMW face serious financial and reputational damage. Our team of employment tax and legal specialists help to ensure that you don’t inadvertently fall foul of the regulators.

New forces at work

09 July 2018

New forces are transforming the world of work. Societal shifts, digital technologies and tightening regulations are changing your people’s expectations about how, when and where they work. In this new era, outdated practices around recruitment, people management and workforce structures will leave your organisation exposed.

Download our new forces at work guide
David Williams-Richardson

09 July 2018

Download our new forces at work guide to gain details on practical ways you can deploy strategies such as flexibility of working and make sure that you have the right people in the right jobs in your organisation.

Contract changes
Carolyn Brown

09 July 2018

If you were to set up your organisation tomorrow, would you keep the same workforce arrangements you have today? Many business structures evolve organically. Others have been guided by what was once the most tax efficient option. That means that the mix of workers and contracts you have in place may no longer be right for your business – or your workforce.

Why the shape of your workforce matters
Carolyn Brown

09 July 2018

Organisations have previously sought to limit tax liabilities by using certain worker types. This practice is under question both by HMRC and by workers who feel that they are being short-changed in terms of legal rights. But what is the optimal set up?

Flexible working
David Gibbens

09 July 2018

The UK has a productivity problem. We work some of the longest hours in Europe, yet our output still limps behind that of nearly all our continental neighbours. The differential is so stark that German workers could finish on Thursday and still produce as much as we do in five days. Could flexible working help us close the gap?

What does worker ‘status’ mean?
Carolyn Brown

09 July 2018

The 2017 Taylor Review brought the status and associated legal and tax rights of the workforce into sharp focus. Our team can help to assess the legal and tax status of those working for you to help you confidently manage your workforce to achieve your organisation’s goals.

Termination payments rules are changing - what does this mean for HR?

22 March 2018

Here are some practical considerations your HR team should think about with regards to employment contracts and termination payments.

Tax, Taylor and transparent transactions

07 August 2017

A welcome relief to many tax specialists on reading the Taylor Review was the extent to which it sought to address the issue of tax as well working rights.

The Taylor Review proposes clarity on employment rights status and radical reforms to the tax system
Carolyn Brown

12 July 2017

The Taylor Review on modern working practices and the gig economy has been published. We discuss the highlights and what impact its recommendations are likely to have.


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