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Key amendments to the Employment Rights Act 1996
Charlie Barnes

04 May 2021

Read on to find out about the changes coming in April 2020 to the statements of terms employers must provide to the workforce and how holiday pay must be calculated.

Professional harm through adverse personal employment claims
Carolyn Brown

04 May 2021

Employment Tribunals publish their judgments online. They include a full narrative of the dispute. Last year, a lawyer damaged his professional reputation due to a Regulator’s rebuke after an Employment Tribunal found he had unfairly dismissed and discriminated against his nanny.

Do you know how long your workers are working?
Carolyn Brown

04 May 2021

The UK Working Time Regulations 1998 are measures to improve the safety and health of workers at work. In this article we cover the importance of why employers need to accurately record working time.

Job retention scheme
Carolyn Brown

16 April 2021

On 22 March 2020 the Chancellor announced a new job retention scheme for all UK employers whatever their size. It operates instead of redundancy or lay off.

Employment Matters - Legal: Spring update webinar
Carolyn Brown

19 February 2021

Our employment legal webinar will cover recent cases, holiday pay, employment contracts, data subject access requests, and Brexit.

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme claims: How will you check your claims are correct?
Susan Ball

12 January 2021

What should you be doing to make sure your CJRS claims are correct?

Christmas parties: some good tax news!

23 November 2020

This year employers planning to have Christmas parties are largely looking at virtual events. The conventional Christmas party normally benefits from tax exemption, where up to £150 per head for one annual event for employees is allowed as a tax-free benefit in kind. There was a question whether a virtual event would still qualify for this exemption.

Regulation and compliance
Simon Hart

10 November 2020

Keep up-to-date and remain compliant with the changing regulatory frameworks as a result of Brexit.

Job Support Scheme launch imminent, but employers left to guess the rules

20 October 2020

On 24 September 2020 the Government announced the Job Support Scheme to replace the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, when it ceases on 31 October 2020. Apart from an accompanying fact sheet, little has been published by the Government regarding the legal framework for the scheme. Employers need detailed guidance now.

Employers using the CJRS at risk of underpaying holiday, notice and redundancy pay

06 October 2020

Contracts of employment must state what an employee is paid, when they are paid, what their holiday entitlement is and their notice period. However, what the employee should be paid whilst they are on holiday, during their notice period or if they are made redundant rarely is. It might seem straightforward to calculate these payments, but the reality can be far from easy.