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Establishing a coronavirus task force: a project, but not as we know it!

27 March 2020

A coronavirus task force is about minimising impacts and ensuring the organisation can restart when restrictions are lifted, and the world returns to its new normal.

RSM supports pioneering digital diabetes prevention programme
Jenny Irwin

24 June 2019

RSM’s economic consulting team, in conjunction with Professor Murray and Professor Henley, are working with NHS England to help determine the feasibility; suitability and the impact digital intervention could have on type 2 diabetes prevention in the future.

IPA annual report shows slowdown in major government projects

05 July 2018

New figures published by the Infrastructure and Projects Authority reveals a slowdown in the number of new major government projects over the last 12 months.

RSM partners named top influencers in project management
Nigel Bennett

25 June 2018

RSM’s head of projects and programmes Andy Murray and consulting director Nigel Bennett have been named within the top 30 most influential people in project management by ILX, an internationally recognised provider of accredited professional learning.

RSM act on pioneering NHS England diabetes prevention pilot
Jenny Irwin

15 November 2017

RSM has been appointed by NHS England to support the implementation and evaluation of the interventions from an innovative study which aims to prevent or delay onset Type 2 diabetes in at risk patients.

What lessons can be learned from the failure of high profile programmes?

13 November 2017

Recent headlines have documented the early termination of a Nuclear Decommissioning Authority 14 year long contract following a legal challenge from an unsuccessful bidder, costing millions to the UK taxpayer. In 2007, Metronet, responsible for two thirds of the Tube’s infrastructure collapsed, costing millions to the UK taxpayer. Are there links between the failures of these and other large scale programmes?

Feasibility studies, option appraisals and business cases

01 June 2017

Through feasibility studies and options appraisals, we can help you to better establish, and minimise, the risk that investments could have on your business. Find out more.

Programme and policy evaluation

01 June 2017

With pressure on government resources, evaluating the impact of policies, programmes and organisations is essential to understanding their contribution to government objectives and national prosperity. Find out how RSM can help.

Economic intelligence and forecasting

01 June 2017

RSM provide economic intelligence and forecasting services to assess what is important for your organisation, how your industry relates to its local economic context and supply chain, and makes robust recommendations and forecasts. Learn more.

Qualitative and quantitative research

01 June 2017

We design robust methodologies to answer your research questions, using both quantitative and qualitative tools, to provide robust evidence on what is happening, and how and why it is happening. Find out more.