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How to be digital first post-coronavirus

12 June 2020

Whether coronavirus will cause a digital revolution or evolution is yet to be decided, but how it will impact you and your business should be understood.

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Keeping supply chains moving

05 June 2020

Supply chains are facing significant pressure and so it is critical for organisations to be proactive in their continuity plans. The government has also published policies for public sector organisations to ensure continuity. Find out more here.

The value of data

03 June 2020

The value of data is certainly not a new topic. As organisations look to the future with undoubtedly a bigger focus on digital transformation, understanding, trusting and using data has become ever more important.

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Re-invigorating your business for the 'new normal'

03 June 2020

Operations will be noticeably different in the post-lockdown era. Freed from the constraints of co-locating workers in physical proximity, and in many cases more physically distant from their customers, businesses can adopt newer ways of working supported by Cloud technologies.

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Reimagining productivity and resilience

03 June 2020

As we all continue to navigate our way through the coronavirus pandemic, attention will invariably move from short-term action to reimagining how our businesses can operate and thrive in the medium and longer term.

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Ian Gill

Associate Director

Whether businesses are suffering persistent performance issues, facing external pressures or going through periods of rapid growth or change, Ian has the skills and experience to help clients rapidly improve their operations.

The top 10 causes of robotic process automation failure
Darren Mee

Half of all business automation projects fail. But why? This article unpicks the 10 most common causes of RPA failure, so you can make your project a success.

Three stages of robotic process automation success
Darren Mee

Successful business automation doesn’t happen overnight, it happens in stages. Here’s our tried and tested method for implementing RPA and ensuring success.

The evolution of robotic process automation: from rule-follower to decision-maker
Darren Mee

What’s next for RPA? To predict the future, we must look to the past and present. This article looks at the evolution of robotic process automation for businesses.

Automation now: How to succeed with RPA

05 May 2020

What is robotic process automation and should you adopt it? These guides explain why and how to successfully plan, run, and embed RPA within your business.