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Pensions tax the new Chancellor must fix past failings
George Bull

12 October 2016

Nobody will ever criticise former Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne for bringing forward too few new tax laws.

Unauthorised pensions withdrawals – does the punishment fit the crime?
Andrew Hubbard

21 September 2016

It is easy to think that after all of the recent legislative changes anybody can get hold of their pensions pot at any time without tax consequences. However, unauthorised payments out of pension schemes can, and do, attract substantial tax charges. Two recent contrasting cases illustrate the point, but also raise questions as to whether the punishment always fits the crime.

Pensions, taxes and the death of certainty
George Bull

24 February 2016

Could the tax-free lump sum end up an early casualty in the ‘battle of the pensions?

Another 'Budget' , another hat, another rabbit?
George Bull

17 November 2015

Most people would like a break from the ceaseless flood of tax changes we have seen over recent years but the chance of that happening is slim to non-existent. So what can we expect from this 'Budget' and what kind of rabbit will be pulled out of the hat?

New pensions reforms: tax raids are the enemy of sustainability
George Bull

15 July 2015

The proposed move to an ISA-style tax treatment of pensions would have huge benefits, and could produce a tax windfall as high as £40bn a year. So what’s the potential downside of this move?


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