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Common mistakes US businesses make when setting up in the UK

07 September 2020

For companies looking to set up in the UK, there are a myriad of issues that can occur. Read our content series to learn what some of these are and how they can be mitigated.

Paulina Redel

Associate Director

Paulina is an Associate Director in our outsourcing team - helping clients to deliver their financial statements in compliance with local regulations across 40 countries via the application of automated tools, standardised processes and the best practice solutions.

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme audits: five things employers should check now

26 June 2020

The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme claims process is pretty clear now. What’s less clear is how HMRC intends to audit these claims. In this article, we look at how employers can check that they’re compliant.

Erica King


Erica is a Director of Business Development for Outsourced Business Services based in Milton Keynes.

Our technology suite
Philip Gale

Technology is critical to the future of the finance function as automation and artificial intelligence evolves and becomes mainstream. Some estimates suggest that 90 per cent of all finance transactions will eventually be automated.

Outsourcing and coronavirus

10 June 2020

As businesses begin to emerge from the lockdown, finance functions are looking at resourcing their teams back up to meet the needs of the business. They are doing this by addressing new reporting requirements and taking a look beyond the immediacy of coronavirus to reshape how they operate in the future, particularly around their use of technology.

Reactivating and reimagining the finance function – A pivotal role for outsourcing?

09 June 2020

How will finance teams get on their feet post-coronavirus? We explore how companies could reimagine how their finance function to better serve the business at the dawn of the 'new normal'.

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Delicia Brown

Associate Director

Delicia's focus is on bringing tailored, reliable and innovative solutions to UK and offshore investors, property managers and developers, to reduce risk and increase efficiencies enabling clients to concentrate on the core activities that drive their business forward.

Outsourcing and compliance

03 June 2020

Businesses that have taken advantage of Government coronavirus loan and job retention schemes must now ensure compliance with auditing and reporting rules. Find out how to stay compliant.

Entering international markets – Dynamic Market Expansion

27 May 2020

Global Compliance and Reporting Services (Dynamic Market Expansion) is delivered by a PRINCE2 qualified team who will guide you through the first steps into new international markets, helping identify local registration and filing needs and, resolving key risks to ensure that you have a smooth and successful transition into new territories.