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RSM appoints head of corporate tax to strengthen Midlands capability
Claire Spencer

24 September 2021

Leading audit, tax and consulting firm RSM has appointed tax partner Claire Spencer to strengthen the firm’s corporate tax capability in the Midlands.

New uncertain tax treatments reporting requirement for large businesses
Suze McDonald

17 September 2021

HMRC published draft legislation for consultation on 20 July 2021, which sets out how it intends for large businesses, in certain circumstances, to notify details of uncertain tax treatments they have adopted in relation to corporation tax, income tax (including tax accounted for through PAYE) and VAT.

Will UK corporation tax policy stifle economic growth?

14 September 2021

The corporation tax rate increase is a bold move underpinned by a need to increase tax revenues, avoid significant tax burdens on individuals and a belief that the UK will remain an attractive place to do business.

Richard Wilson


Richard is a Director based in our Leeds office with over 20 years experience in corporate tax.

Creative sector tax reliefs on the rise

24 August 2021

The Treasury’s latest creative sector tax relief figures show a total of £1.31 billion was paid out during the year up to 31 March 2021.

Brad Ashton

20 August 2021

The key tax and customs duty benefits of investing in freeports are outlined in our article, in anticipation that discussions between the UK government and the devolved administrations on freeports in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will lead to more freeports in the future.

What does the increase in the main rate of corporation tax mean for you?
Suze McDonald

20 August 2021

The UK’s main rate of corporation tax will increase from 19 per cent to 25 per cent with effect from 1 April 2023. This change was introduced by Finance Act 2021, and may have some important implications that companies need to consider.

Chris Etherington


Chris is a Private Client Partner in RSM’s Leeds office, with a wealth of experience in advising individuals, families and trusts.

Could the UK really change its tax year?
Andrew Robins

24 July 2021

It is safe to say the fact that the UK income tax year ends on 5 April makes it unique internationally. It is also safe to say that this choice of year end creates all sorts of problems every year, and for this reason the Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) is looking at the possibility of changing the tax year end to something more closely aligned to other countries.

G7 paves the way for significant global tax change
Suze McDonald

24 July 2021

The communique issued on 5 June 2021, following the meeting of the G7 finance ministers in London signals another potentially significant shift in the global tax landscape to address the tax challenges arising from globalisation and the digitalisation of the economy.


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