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Financial planning and management
Simon Hart

10 November 2020

Read this guide to understand how Brexit might impact your cash flow, access to finance and your forecasting.

Alistair Hynd


Alistair is a partner at RSM.

Of kings and swans: Cash forecasting during coronavirus

20 April 2020

The world has been turned on its head by coronavirus, but one eternal truth, brought into sharp relief by current events, is that cash is king. As the world adjusts the need to understand, forecast and adapt to this fast changing business environment is vital to survive the choppy waters ahead.

Coronavirus forecasting: what you need to be thinking about
Alistair Hynd

03 April 2020

The coronavirus pandemic is having an impact on business operations across the UK. It is now necessary for businesses to significantly recalibrate their short- and longer-term forecasts.

Principle four – Banks undertake appropriate model validation and independent review activities to ensure sound model performance and greater understanding of model uncertainties
Alistair Hynd

01 November 2018

As with the other three principles, the PRA gives sound, common sense guidance overall but leaves a lot of practical matters untouched and questions unanswered.

The key elements of financial modelling
Alistair Hynd

16 October 2018

About two years ago, we published the second edition of our best practice guide to financial modelling with the ICAEW. It focuses primarily on spreadsheet-based, time-series centred, financial forecasting models. Though with a little imagination, the principles can be more widely applied.

Top tips for academy trusts budgeting in excel
Hannah Catchpool

01 October 2018

If you are an academy trust and prepare your budgets using excel spreadsheets, we have highlighted tips and techniques for you to consider which are intended to help you respond to the refined requirements of the ESFA’s Academies Financial Handbook 2018.

Principle three – Banks have implemented a robust model development and implementation process to ensure appropriate use of models
Jonathan Pepper

25 September 2018

Have you got a robust model development and implementation process and can you demonstrate it to the regulator?

Principle two – Firms should have an effective governance framework, policies, procedures and controls to manage their model risk
Jonathan Pepper

15 August 2018

As with all risks within a financial institution, model risk requires a framework within which it should be managed. This involves robust governance, policies, procedures and controls in place to manage model risk. At all levels of the organisation, those involved in creating, using, overseeing and controlling models have a part to play.

Model risk
Jonathan Pepper

03 August 2018

PRA supervisory statement on model risk in stress testing for financial services organisations. How to comply, what are the principles and what do you need to do?