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Future proof your school
Nick Sladden

09 July 2019

Independent schools are facing a time of significant financial challenge. Ensure that your school is looking at the right governance issues and take our quick self-assessment to see what you need to be focusing on.

The independent school dilemma - how safe are your people?
Matthew Humphrey

16 July 2017

How does your governing board ensure that your students remain satisfied? And your reputation intact?

RSM associate director receives prestigious risk fellowship
Matthew Humphrey

17 April 2017

An associate director at RSM in Scotland has been awarded certified fellowship status by the Institute of Risk Management, in recognition for over a decade of outstanding work within the field; an accolade known as the highest achievable within the profession.

Understanding the environmental liabilities you could face when buying or selling a business property
Matthew Humphrey

13 February 2017

If you are managing the sale or acquisition of a business or property there are some important questions to ask yourself in order to minimise your environmental liabilities and costs.

The essentials of risk management
Matthew Humphrey

17 January 2017

In this article we've identified the key components that will create a more dynamic environment for risk management. This will help improve your academy's risk maturity and outlook.

Can you demonstrate that your policies are being read and understood?
Matthew Humphrey

15 December 2016

Effective and accessible policies and procedures form an important part of good governance but how does an organisation know its policies are being read, understood and complied with?

Minimising environmental risks in your supply chain
Matthew Humphrey

15 September 2016

Environmental risks can be present throughout your entire product and service lifecycle, and if not managed effectively can result in significant fines, prosecutions, operational disruption and reputational damage to your business.

Key appointment at RSM strengthens consulting practice
Matthew Humphrey

09 August 2016

Audit, tax and consulting firm RSM has appointed Mark Wood as an associate director in the consulting practice.

What assurance do you need?
Nick Sladden

Within an independent school the responsibility for managing risk rests with the Board of Governors. Should a risk materialise such as breakdown in safeguarding or financial mismanagement, there is no doubt that questions will be raised regarding the governance and risk management processes. The responsibility of the Governors is to seek assurance that all principal risks are managed effectively.

Are you looking at the right risks?
Nick Sladden

Whether you are driven by the desire to obtain more value from your Governors meetings or improve your existing risk management then you should make sure you undertake a review of your strategic risks.