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HMRC modernisation programme: big is beautiful, or is it?
George Bull

05 January 2017

The first of HMRC’s 13 new large regional contact centres is due to open in 2016-17, part of a major reorganisation of services. But will this modernisation programme help HMRC become a tax authority ‘fit for the future’ and will bigger necessarily mean better?

Has Ofcom forgotten to tell the tax man something?
George Bull

02 March 2016

Last week Ofcom published its long-awaited report on improving telecoms quality and coverage. It acknowledges that many people - especially in rural areas - suffer from poor quality broadband service, and pledged that all UK consumers will have access to fast, reliable broadband services over the next ten years. But that’s six years longer than the implementation of HMRC's Digital Roadmap. What will happen to those people who are ‘digitally excluded’ and unable to meet their tax obligations?

HMRC’s digital roadmap – two sides to every story
George Bull

15 December 2015

In a first for Tax Brief, two of our experts go head to head in the debate about the newly-published digital roadmap. Up first, is George Bull with his concerns…

Weekly Tax Brief - 3 November 2015
George Bull

03 November 2015

In this edition of the RSM weekly tax brief, we look at the outrage caused by HMRC’s decision to tax the interest it owes to companies. We examine the latest guidance on exactly who will pay the new Scottish rate of income tax and, with less than six months before its introduction, we ask how UK employers will cope with the biggest change to PAYE since 1944.

Weekly Tax Brief - 20 October 2015
George Bull

19 October 2015

In this edition of RSM's weekly round-up of the most important tax news, we cover the latest developments…

Large business compliance – HMRC risks shooting the good guys
George Bull

19 October 2015

HMRC has been consulting on changes to the way it deals with the tax affairs of large businesses, but we are concerned that their proposals will lead to additional burdens for the compliant majority of companies. Surely it would be better for HMRC to concentrate on the known high-risk companies?

HMRC's colossal liabilities will only get bigger
George Bull

17 August 2015

The prospect that HMRC might, on a worst-case estimate, have to repay taxes (and presumably interest) of £42bn has emerged from a recent report by the Office for Budget Responsibility. While an official spokesperson from HMRC professes not to recognise the figures, there is every chance that the picture will only get worse.

Judge rules that HMRC is making illegal online filing demands
George Bull

04 August 2015

A recent Tax Tribunal decision on a £100 VAT return penalty takes the debate to a whole new level, with the judge finding that the trader behaved reasonably in refusing to tick the terms and conditions box.


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