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HMRC increases employer compliance activity
David Williams-Richardson

15 July 2017

HMRC increases employer compliance activity – could you be facing an unexpected bill?

Urgent reform needed to ensure the punishment fits the crime
Andrew Hubbard

04 July 2017

A recent tribunal case in which a taxpayer was given a hefty penalty despite there being no tax due suggests the system is in need of urgent reform.

When it comes to tax disputes, is it right to give celebrities anonymity?
Andrew Hubbard

05 April 2017

When a dispute between HMRC and a taxpayer cannot be resolved without recourse to an independent tax tribunal, what happens then to the balance between confidentiality and open justice? And is there a case to grant celebrities anonymity?

HMRC estate: big is better, or is it?
Andrew Walker

14 February 2017

Significant concerns have been raised over HMRC’s plans to reorganise its office estate into 13 new regional centres; we agree.

Is HMRC really going soft on high net worth individuals?
Andrew Hubbard

31 January 2017

A recent Public Accounts Committee report seems to suggest that HMRC is not taking a hard enough line with high net worth individuals. Is this the reality on the ground?

Still phishing
Mike Down

31 January 2017

Getting the digital communications strategy right is becoming increasingly important for HMRC as it pushes forward with the Making Tax Digital project – but how will it ‘tackle’ phishing fears from a large percentage of its customers?

Tax penalties for deliberate errors rise six-fold
Mike Down

25 January 2017

New figures obtained by RSM under the Freedom of Information Act show a huge rise in penalties for those deemed to have deliberately understated their income. But is this new approach a sign of ‘penalty farming’ and are innocent people being unfairly penalised?

HMRC modernisation programme: big is beautiful, or is it?
George Bull

05 January 2017

The first of HMRC’s 13 new large regional contact centres is due to open in 2016-17, part of a major reorganisation of services. But will this modernisation programme help HMRC become a tax authority ‘fit for the future’ and will bigger necessarily mean better?

HMRC focus on income and assets abroad
Andrew Walker

17 December 2016

The Chancellor’s Autumn Statement 2016 proudly announced the UK’s tax gap is one of the lowest in the world and that the UK has been at the forefront of bringing about a step change in international tax transparency.

Justin Stevenson

Associate Director

Justin is a private client specialist providing tax (income, capital gains and inheritance) advice to international high net worth clients including their residence and domicile positions.