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Changes to entrepreneurs relief
Helen Relf

11 March 2020

Entrepreneurs relief changes were announced at in the Chancellors 2020 Budget with the lifetime limit reduced from £10m to £1m with punitive measures taken to address individuals who tried to beat the Budget.

Entrepreneurs’ relief – too good to last?
Helen Relf

31 January 2020

Will the Chancellor bow to pressure to change or scrap entrepreneurs’ relief on Budget day? Can entrepreneurs do anything now to preserve their relief?

Future proofing your family wealth
Helen Relf

19 December 2019

The Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) has recently released its second report following its review into avenues to simplify Inheritance Tax (IHT). As anyone who has had the pleasure of dealing with the complexities of IHT – in their own lifetime or after the death of a loved one – will know, it is not easy to navigate the various reliefs, allowances and exemptions to ensure tax efficiency. Find out what is best practice when navigating this complicated landscape.

Helen Relf

19 December 2019

One of the main factors in managing succession well is to start planning and discussions with family members early. Too often this issue is pushed to one side in favour of more appealing tasks, resulting in uncertainty and potentially financial loss for the family.

The family business – do you have a succession plan?
Helen Relf

19 December 2019

Shares, built up over a lifetime of hard work in a family or ‘owner managed’ business may be your most valuable asset. Effective planning is essential to ensure a successful transfer of the business to the next generation. Find out what the key considerations are in implementing the most tax efficient solution to family business succession.

Further changes to entrepreneurs’ relief
Helen Relf

16 February 2019

On 29 October 2018 (Budget day) additional conditions were introduced which changed the way in which ER operates – the changes were designed to prevent abuse of the rules and restrict relief to those entrepreneurs who have a genuine economic stake in their business.

Think your shares qualify for entrepreneurs’ relief?
Helen Relf

03 December 2018

Changes to Entrepreneurs’ Relief have widespread implications and have created uncertainty for shareholders. Find out what these changes are, if you qualify and how we can help you.

Entrepreneurs’ Relief changes announced
Helen Relf

29 October 2018

The Chancellor has confirmed that Entrepreneurs’ Relief (ER) will be retained at its current level of £10m of lifetime capital gains per individual, but he has made changes to ensure that it is targeted at longer term business investments and genuine entrepreneurs. He has also cracked down on what he has referred to as an “identified abuse” of the current rules.

Principal Private Residence - relief time to rebuild?
Helen Relf

10 August 2016

Tax reliefs and their use continue to come under scrutiny, and Principal Private Residence (PPR) relief from capital gains tax is currently in the firing line. A recent National Audit Office (NAO) report highlighted 'scope for wide-scale misuse' and called for more scrutiny, in respect of PPR in particular, due to the £18bn cost to the Exchequer each year. But what is PPR, has it gone wrong and, if so, how can we fix it?

Don't ask for more information yet, get your house in order first
Helen Relf

19 April 2016

Much has been made in the press lately about ‘tax transparency’, triggering a rush of MPs to publish their tax returns for all to see. But how has this benefitted the public, and is there a wider issue here for HMRC to address?