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Hidden history

30 March 2021

Most people are unaware they have the right to view privately held inheritance tax-exempt, heritage items. Viewings of such artefacts are currently suspended, but you can now check the register for the hidden historical gems you are entitled to see.

Inheritance tax on residential property

16 March 2021

Offshore trustees who are liable to UK inheritance tax because of loans made in connection with UK residential property, should consider the nature and terms of the loan if 100 per cent business property relief might be available.

Tax havens are so 2020...

16 March 2021

The European Parliament recently commented that the EU’s list of tax havens is ‘confusing and ineffective’. This seems to be stating the obvious, for a number of reasons.

Moving to the UK

16 March 2021

When moving to the UK, there are many things to consider – tax is a crucial part of those considerations. With almost three million Hong Kong residents eligible for British National Overseas (BNO) passports, the opportunity for them and their dependants to apply for BNO visas, applications for which opened on 31 January 2021, may result in a significant number of Hong Kong residents choosing to relocate to the UK.

Budget 2021: Private client – Hidden tax costs for individual taxpayers

03 March 2021

Private clients – it may seem as though individual taxpayers have had a reprieve from tax increases but, as always, everything is not quite as it seems.

Proposed tax reforms could have significant impact on rural landlords and land letting

16 February 2021

We have seen multiple reports over the past couple of years relating to the reform of inheritance tax and capital gains tax, which could have a significant impact on rural communities already facing significant change.

Capital taxes in the UK: what does the Government want to achieve?

16 February 2021

Recent independent reports on changes to capital gains tax and inheritance tax and on the possible introduction of a wealth tax mean that the Chancellor is not short of options to reform capital taxes in the UK on Budget Day. Two overriding questions confront the Chancellor. What does the government want to achieve? And is now the right time to increase taxes?

Time to rethink the High-Income Child Benefit Charge (HICBC)

16 February 2021

Basic rate taxpayers are now facing child benefit claw-back charges. Is the whole HICBC system still fit for purpose?

Hidden tax traps for younger generation jumping into the investment property market

09 February 2021

The SDLT holiday has tempted many to purchase buy-to-let properties, but their new venture may not be as lucrative as it seems. Changes to tax relief for mortgage interest can easily affect the tax liability, but less known is the impact on Child Benefit and Student Loan repayments. Younger people and parents may be in for a surprise from their tax return and could be forced to increase rents to make their investment worthwhile.

Tax havens are so 2020...

02 February 2021

The European Parliament recently commented that the EU’s list of tax havens is ‘confusing and ineffective’. This seems to be stating the obvious, for several reasons.