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Tell us how much income tax you think top earners should pay
George Bull

14 March 2017

In his Budget statement on 8 March, Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond used the word ‘fair’ no fewer than 19 times. But having emphasised that a fair system tax ensures that those with the broadest shoulders bear the heaviest burden, not once did he say what he thought would be fair share of income tax to be paid by the highest earners. So what do you think?

Forget Class 4 NIC – the Chancellor should be tackling tax evasion
Mike Down

14 March 2017

The amount of extra revenue generated by the rise in NICs announced at the Budget is a mere drop in the ocean compared to the total Tax Gap of £36bn. Wouldn’t tackling tax evasion by offering some kind of amnesty be a more effective way of raising revenue?

Weekly Tax Brief - 3 November 2015
George Bull

03 November 2015

In this edition of the RSM weekly tax brief, we look at the outrage caused by HMRC’s decision to tax the interest it owes to companies. We examine the latest guidance on exactly who will pay the new Scottish rate of income tax and, with less than six months before its introduction, we ask how UK employers will cope with the biggest change to PAYE since 1944.

Baker Tilly warns HMRC's planned shake-up of termination payments could cost employees a packet
George Bull

20 September 2015

Accountancy firm Baker Tilly is warning that proposed changes to termination payments to staff could end up being expensive for employers.


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