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Justin Stevenson

Associate Director

Justin is a private client specialist providing tax (income, capital gains and inheritance) advice to international high net worth clients including their residence and domicile positions.

Weekly tax brief - 4 April 2016

04 April 2016

In this week’s tax brief we look at how the documents leaked from Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca could be bigger than WikiLeaks, and what HMRC’s response might be to the growing furore. Also, with the threat of further leaks to come, what to do if you’re worried that your name might be in the Panama Papers.

Managing an offshore disclosure - what to do next?

04 April 2016

The revelations emerging from Panama and the threat of further leaks will almost certainly mean sleepless nights for some. So what should you do if you’re worried that the taxman might come knocking?

HMRC powers under microscope in Gold Nuts case

17 February 2016

Rather than criminally investigate everyone it suspects of tax evasion, HMRC often offers taxpayers the Contractual Disclosure Facility (CDF) which provides an opportunity to come clean and admit to all tax irregularities in return for a guarantee of criminal immunity. But a recent Tribunal case – Gold Nuts and Others v. HMRC - in which an appellant unequivocally denied involvement in tax fraud has raised some interesting issues around the interaction between HMRC’s civil and criminal investigations.

Getting tough on tax cheats

25 November 2015

No surprises as the Chancellor allocates an additional £800m to crack down on offshore tax evasion ad general non-compliance.

Contractual disclosure facility

HMRC has been using code of practice 9 and the contractual disclosure facility more widely in recent years. If you’re faced with an investigation, our team has the experience and inside knowledge to help you achieve the best outcome.


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