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Latest 'no-deal' Brexit VAT guidance from HMRC – act now to avoid missing VAT refunds
George Bull

06 February 2019

With the UK’s withdrawal from the EU just around the corner and a no-deal Brexit very much still a possibility, HMRC has published guidance on some of the practical challenges that could face UK businesses including reclaiming VAT from EU member states; VAT registration issues for consumer businesses selling digital services to the EU; and how to verify UK VAT registration details. Affected businesses must act now.

Wider tax implications for Conservative Party/DUP agreement?
George Bull

26 June 2017

This week saw the Conservatives striking a deal with the DUP, but what does this mean for tax in Northern Ireland, and what will be the knock on effect for the rest of the UK?

Will the new Government rise to the tax challenge?
George Bull

09 June 2017

With the UK now facing the certainty of a hung parliament, the tax consequences are anything but clear. The next days and weeks may see a new leader for the Conservative party, a coalition government or even another election.

Don’t vilify companies claiming tax refunds
George Bull

31 May 2017

One way or the other, the Court of Justice of the European Union has had a say in tax claims totalling £49bn which are now facing HMRC. Some people are critical of the companies which are legitimately claiming these amounts. But is that fair? And, after Brexit, will these claims be rejected?

Lessons must be learned from HMRCs 'Black Tuesday'
George Bull

17 January 2017

Two recent reports on HMRC's performance contain worrying pointers towards unrealistic planning and excessive optimism at the highest levels. Lessons must be learned from these.

Weekly tax brief - 1 November 2016
George Bull

01 November 2016

In this week’s Tax Brief we expose an attempt by the NAO to encourage HMRC to 'farm' the wealthiest people for more taxes, discuss the tax and VAT implications of the recent Uber case and explain why proposed changes to partnership taxation should either be deferred or dropped.

What does a post-Brexit tax system look like?
George Bull

05 October 2016

A debate during the Conservative Party conference considered everything from tax justice to cutting VAT, while scrapping inheritance tax and corporation tax. We look at the issues.

VAT changes could create jobs, boost family finances and help the environment
George Bull

21 September 2016

The Swedish government has recently announced it will cut the rate of VAT on repairs from 25 per cent to 12 per cent in an effort to encourage citizens to throw away fewer household items and to have more repaired. With Brexit just around the corner, it seems to us that this could work particularly well for the UK economy too.

HMRC left to fill in the blanks on adult colouring books VAT
George Bull

25 May 2016

Reports that HMRC has been looking into the VAT treatment of adult colouring books raises wider issues about how the tax system deals with new developments in the market place. HMRC’s actions have been criticised, but should we really be rushing to judgement?

Beware Chancellors bearing Budget Day gifts warns RSM
George Bull

09 March 2016

With the referendum on the UK’s EU membership now set for 23 June, the Chancellor is coming under increasing pressure not to rock the boat with more tax hikes on Budget Day.